Spurs are gonna finish above Aresnal shock!! - Week 8

Sorry not been any analysis lately not been very well. But I'm back now ....So after many years Spurs have the upper hand in north London for the first time since 1994/95. Chelsea kept the four point gap though with a convincing 3-0 win at Everton. So it looks like it'll be second apot for Spurs. The other two champions league places are still up for grabs and the teams involved are all stumbling so its really who can put it together over the last few games. The championship of the championship goes to the last game but unless the mighty Leeds can win 7-0 and hope fulham lose 6-0 its 7th for Leeds. Tears were shed!!


In the leagues


Four good wins Bob Kean at the top kept on going with St Mirren @1.00 the other three wins were at the bottom with Ross Jones getting 1.00 for Spurs and Phillip Hocknell getting 2.40 for The stoke/west ham draw. Finally at the bottom (but no more) Malcolm Gibson got 1.80 for Leicester away.



two wins here. I was one of them with Bournemouth away @1.50 and the other was Ian Menzies who got 1.00 for Chelski away. No real change at the top but i'm a little safer.



Two wins here too. Trevor Gibbons got closer to the top two with a great Birmingham pick @1.75 and Nick Lines was the other winner with 22p for Real Sociedad



Just two wins here too. But one was pick of the week. Patrizio bella. He got Lazio away in the derby @ 3.20 that puts the Italian Stallion in the lead. Steph Cook is second 30p behind with her pick 'The Steph' @1.80



Only one winner here my missus Chrissy Blackers. All because i said that I thought Huddersfield would rest a few players so she goes for B'ham and they rest 10 players. She gets 1.75



Only one win.Nigel Howlett was that man with Lyon away @1.10.


Pineapple Lee

No Wins No More.


Two weeks to go. Come On Leeds 13-0 nil will do it. Knowing Leeds though they'd get the 13-0 and fulham would win 1-0 so it wqouldn't matter!!!! I can dream though.




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