Oh Virdi what have you done!! Again - Season 43 - Week 10

Yep they've done it again. Sohail Virdi just had to follow Chris Tustians lead and pick Celtic @6p to crown a perfect season 100% record. Tustian only picked once this season (he's a busy bloke what can i say) but just so he didn't get a minus 10 next to his name he picked in week 10 and did it. Celtics win meant he finished with a much more respectable fourth place in the Pineapple Lee league with minus 8.94.

In the real world Chelsea are still leading, Spurs are still winning, Liverpool are indifferent and Arsenal have just realised they have to be shit in March each season. Newcastle look like they'll be back to the prem soon and maybe Brighton or possibly Huddersfield or even....wait for it....with a good winning run and a few results in their favour, the mighty Leeds (we just can't stop winning). At the bottom of the prem Hull, Middlesborough and Sunderland just can't score and look in big trouble.

In the leagues the winner and losers are:
Ok lets get this bit over with .....
The winner of this seasons overall league is none other than the big man himself.
YES ITS ME !!!!!!! WITH £11.34. GET IN.
Errm I'd like to thank my wife , my mum, and my dog...............oh ok no-one interested ....slightly embarrassing....So ive got no life ok I admit it. But I still won ..in your face Chrissy Blackers.

The Pele league
The winner was Lee Denson with 7.71
Runner up was Malcolm Gibson

Relegated were: Paul Shakespeare (despite pick of the week the Man Utd/Bournemouth draw @5.00) Craig Lowe, Dickson Pato , Martin Young

Winner was James Holland
Runner up Ayako Ono (nicking in to take 2nd place)

Relegated : GEEGEE, PATRICIA, Zach & Richard Shepherd
(Ian booth saved himself with an inspired Forest win over Brighton.)

Winner is: Tony Southworth
Runner up: Chris Cann (what a masterplan! Chris (must be the name) picked Celtic at 6p in the hope Malcolm would lose, he did Chris nicked 2nd place and goes up)

Relegated : WART, Gareth Hedges , James Glass, John Omam.

The Winner is: Ian Menzies
Runner up : Robert Paton

(Just a mention for Jon Dunk in third if only his name was Chris he'd have picked Celtic got the 6p and it would have seen him promoted...but he didn't)

The Winner is: Alan Blackley- Me
Runner up : Matt Billing
(A mention for the worst player this season...Chrissy Blackers picked every week without fail and lost them all. 0% win rate minus 10. Ha ha)

The winner is: Mono Guerillo (with a positive score at last)
Runner up : Trevor Gibbons

Pineapple Lee
The winner is: Adetaoy Adekunle
Runner up : David Rosser

So there you go well done to the winners unlucky to the losers. We go again next week in a new season. May the best picker win.


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