King Zlatan does it again - Week 9

The headline writers have that man again Zlatan Ibrahimovich to write about. He masterminds a Man Utd win in the league cup. Man Utd weren't even the best team a valiant Southampton effort but they were not given vital decisions including a perfectly good goal. Shit happens.

Spurs go second after another Harry Kane hat-trick. Leedswere the big winners in the play off race in the championship winning against sheff weds when all others either lost or drew.


In the leagues with one week to go.


The best pick of the week here at the start.Craig lowe got it for Birmingham away @3.33 it gives him a slight chance to survive if he can repeat this feat next week. At the top Lee Denson consolidated with WBA @1.10 (a popular pick this week) Malcolm Gibson won with Everton @0.40. Robert kean moved third with 3.00 for the dundee united/Morton draw. Phillip Hocknell is fourth after a colchester win @0.70. Sohail Virdi is on the brink of another unbeaten 100% season. Just one week to go they won this week with Chelsea @0.25.



An unusual event this week a 100% win rate. Seven pickers 7 wins. Way to go.

James Holland leads the way with a good east anglian derby draw @2.75. Ayako Ono drops to third after 40p for Everton. Richard Parker goes 2nd with Monaco away @0.75. PATRICIA won well with 2.25 for the Burton/Blackburn draw.James Delahunt got 1.05 for Fleetwoods win at Northampton. Rich Sepherd got the WBA win @1.10 and Zach went Spurs for 36p. The 2nd promotion place is really anybodys with one good win next week.



Not so good here 2 winners only. Chris Cann goes 3rd with the WBA pick @1.10 and john Omam got 25p for Chelsea. Anyones.



Two wins here too. David Lloyd had his pick washed out so gets nil. Patrizio get 44p for Lazio's win and Steph Cook gets the WBA pick @1.10. Its any one from three here really.



I won again going conservative with 25p for Chelsea. I have one eye on james holland though in the race for the overall title. Matt Billing in 2nd won with 0.70 for Brighton at home and Chris Hinch got the WBA pick @1.10.



One win here Mono Guerillo got the WBA pick @1.10. Mono takes the top spot in the only league to have a minus figure for all players.


Pineapple Lee

Just a win for Adetayo Adekunle 25p for Chelsea.


So one week to go in this season. Pick carefully and trust your instincts as almost anyone can beat anyone at the moment. Good luck to you all.



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