Liverpool do it again. Why didn't I go again? - Week 6

Oh dear Liverpool. What is going on there? Seriously. Flying one minute dog shite the next. Chelsea look to have sewn it up with a win agaianst Arsenal. Spurs keep up the pressure but can you really see a nine point swing? At the bottom Sunderland score 4 goals past Crystal Palace who are in real deep shit now. As are Leicester, first champs to be relegated anyone? Hull beat Liverpool 2-0 not a fluky win but a battled well planned game. Having picked Liverpool last week why did i think they would suddenly get better this week. Would have been good odds too.

My three to go are Swans, palace and leicester.

In Championship Leeds lost by two falls to one submission. The top two keep stumbling so i don't think its done yet.


In the leagues


Lee Denson extends at the top with Millwalls win away at Coventry @1.20. Malcolm gibson goes second with Chelsea at a value 1.15. Ross Jones got a good win with Sheff Weds friday win @1.30. Sohail carries on with Spurs @0.25.



Richard Shepherd and James Delahunt both scored 1.15 for Watford and Chelsea respectively. Matthew Gibbons got 75p for Everton. Richard Parker got 50p for Sheff Utd.



Tony Southworth goes to the top after a great pick of Everton @ 0.75.Chris Blackley went for Watford @1.15. Chris Cann got Hertha BSC @1.10. Nick Lines picked Exeter @0.62. James Glass got 45p for Celtic.



Robert Paton fies to the top with pick of the week Rangers & Ross County draw @3.80.Jon Dunk goes 2nd with Sheff weds @1.30. Patrizio comes off the bottom with italian pick of Lazio @0.57.



Just two winners Matt Billing got 1.30 for sheff weds and Joe McGinley got 25p for Spurs.I'm still top!!



Three out of four winners here but still no-one in positive figures. Trevor Gibbons won with Man Utd @0.70. Mono Guerillo picked WBA @1.38 and Nigel Howlett scores first win of the season with Dagenham @0.73.


Pineapple Lee

100% win record again.

David Rosser scores 1.15 for watford and Adetayo gets 25p for Spurs.


Keep going guys and girls. Wooah.... bit jimmy saville there eh. Soz

So do you know who's gonna win yet? Hang on .....Bit Rolfish that...sorry

good for chelsea bet you wish you were in their gang??...............Too glitterish..???????

oh fuck it.



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