Fa cup giant killings abound - Week 5

So two non league teams into the 5th round of the FA cup for the first time ever. Well done to Sutton United who beat my LeedsUnited..... youth side ???? and Lincoln City who beat Brighton 3-1. Also to Wolves who started it off beating Liverpool reserves and Oxford United who beat Newcastle reserve side. Millwall who beat watford and Championship Fulham who beat soon to be championship Hull City. Derby were unlucky not to beat champions Leicester and Wycombe wanderers who were unlucky not to hang on to beat Spurs but went down 4-3.

It was a weekend of unbelievable results but do the teams fielding weakened sides regret it now?

I suppose if Newcastle Brighton and Leeds get up to the Prem then its worth it. But does resting players for one game really make that much difference or does the loss of momentum in winning games make a difference. We will see over the next few weeks.


In the leagues its got to be said one player picked out a beauty. So step forward....ME.

Woohoo what a doozy of a pick Wolves at 12.00. Nice one. I just thought Liverpool have been so shit recently that it would have an effect on them for this game and I was proved right, But when wycombe went 3-2 up with only 10 mins or so left at spurs i thought paul Brickell was going to gazump me with 17 for wycombe but thankfully spurs came back so not to ruin my big pick of the week moment.


Four winners here. Lee Denson stays top and extends with Arsenals demolition of a poor southampton side who i thought would be buzzing after reaching the EFL Cup final in the week. Lee scored 1.10. Moving form 6th to 2nd is Phillip Hocknell who won with Donny away @1.10.Sohail Virdi played safe again with Chelski @0.17 and Martin Young won with Norwich City @0.73.



just two winners here.James delahunt got burnley @0.67 and Richard |Parker went for theres only one c**t in Scunthorpe @0.50



Tony Southworth closed the gap at the top with Burnley at home @0.67. Glen McPherson won well with 1.10 for Reading against Cardiff. Nick Lines won with Scunnys home win @0.50 and James Glass got 30p for Celtic. Chris Cann got Real Madrid @0.25.



Only two winners here but they go to the top and 2nd with their wins. Top spot goes to Ian Menzies who picked out Burnley @0.67. Jonathan dunk goes 2nd with the Arse @1.10.



Here it is pick of the week for me at the top takes me to 13.80. Joe McGinley goes second with Reading @1.10. They were the only winners.



Stays as it was with everybody losing.


Pineapple Lee

100% winning record here two picks two wins. Davvid Rosser goes top with the Derby/Leicester draw @2.20 Adetayo Adekunle got Burnley @0.67. They look lke the only participants so should be safe for promotion.


So back to the league programme next week at least you know that your team will be puttng out a good side and be trying to win. I watched a few big games in the FA cup this weekend and just got the feeling that the supposed top sides weren't interested. Take my team Leeds so many changes and youth players making their debuts. They weren't allowed to settle and then just didn't look like winning. At half time I knew the result you could see it coming and its unfair on supporters. Luckily I stayed at home watching my telly but for those who travelled expecting to see their side try and reach the next round, spending their money giving their time its not good enough.

I think the teams who had non performances like that - Leeds Newcastle Watford Liverpool should look to reimburse the fans in some way to make up for the embarrassment and shame the fans will be feeling until the next game. The sooner we get donald Trump running the Premier league the better!!!!




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