Halfway house - Week 5

Normal service resumed in the world of the prem, efl, spa etc. Chelsea gave a good enough performance to win and go top of the prem. with 3 points between 2nd and fifth. In the championship Newcastle are well ahead. They beat Leeds 2-0 at the weekend but did you see the first goal!! Robert Green! OMG!! I despair.

In the leagues
Dickson Pato was the big mover here. He shares best pick of the week Dortmunds win over Bayern @2.50. He moves from bottom to fourth.
Phil Hockney won well with faith in Derland @ 1.15. Ross Jones got the magpies @0.83. Sohail Virdi being conservative with 53p for Man City and Craig Lowe in 2nd won with Sheffield Utds win over 9 man Shrewsbury @0.40.

The big winner here was Malcolm Gibson who moved to 2nd within 2p of the top, with the Man Utd Arse draw @2.25. Ayako Ono moves off the bottom with
Monaco away @ 0.83. GEEGEE got Man City @ 0.53 and Zach went safe with PSG @0.22.

Chris Blackley was the big winner with 2.30 for Bournemouth he goes second. Paul Shakespeare got 1.80 for Watfords win against the champions. The only other winner was Gareth Hedges with 0.53 for Man City.

Four wins here. Jon Dunk shares best of the week with 2.50 for QPRs win against Norwich.David Lloyd won with AFC Wimbledons second five goal haul against poor Bury @0.95. Richard Parker also got 95p for Rochdale at home. Patrizio goes a little Italian as always with Lazio @0.62.

Barry Hodgkin goes second with his winning pick of Sheffield Utd @0.40. The only other winner was Matt Billing with 44p for Derbys win.

Wins for the top four. Nick Lines is top after 40p for Sheffield Utd. Mono Guerillo is 2nd after a Watford win @1.80. Nigel Hewlett went non league for Barrow @0.62. John Omam was the Man City picker with 0.53.

Three winners only. The best was 0.83 for Chris Tustin with Newcastle Adetayo got 53p for Spurs 3-2 win over The Hammers.and Martin Foldys joins us again with a 14p win for Juve at home.



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