Season 5 - Week 9

Win, lose or draw David Rosser has guaranteed that the winner of the overall league this year will set a new record season performance (currently held by Ross Jones £7.71).  Given that Nick Kelly is £2.75 behind in second a banker will surely see Rosser home..... competing pressures on Nick Kelly as he tries to close the gap to Rosser and maintain a winning streak that is only one week away from setting a new record and the first ever 100% season.  Pete Finch is still lurking in 3rd within £3 of Rosser but the others seem to be too far back to challenge for the title.

At the bottom Nik Simms and Tony Southworth both need to pick a winner in the last week to ensure that they don't set the unwanted record for worst season ever an "honour" currently held by Jimmy Smith on -£8

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £4864 each
Result: 5/10

Communism is a good idea in theory, buying Juan Sebastien Veron was a good idea in theory, and me trying to put pressure on Nick Kelly with a healthy away pick was a good idea in theo..... actually no it was a rubbish idea, it has left the chasing pack over £4 behind the leader.  An exciting battle for second between Gibbons, Smith, Lloyd and Lines jr is a poor substitute for a proper title battle.

Tony needs a pick above 4.5 just to stand a chance of escaping relegation and we all better hope that he doesn't close down the website in a moment of petulant anger!  Paul Drury also looks in deep trouble, but a good pick and Chadbourne, Haywood and even Lines sr could be dropping down a division.  Matt Haywood's Southampton home win pick has at least given him a good chance of escaping relegation as he was the only one in the bottom 5 to win.

Gibbo predicts:  Champion Nick Kelly, Relegated Drury and Southworth (easy in this league).

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £3921 each
Result: 6/10

A hugely impressive league is headed by the hugely impressive David Rosser, champion elect, Pete Finch can doubtless scarcely believe that his £6.85 is neither good enough for 1st or indeed for a guaranteed promotion spot.  A £2 can be closed very easily in weekend predictor and Rob Noyce building on last seasons first ever positive figure finish is cranking up the pressure.  Richard Ingham and Ben Gould have both cracked under the relentles pressure of this sensational league and now need to pull something special out of the bag to gain promotion.  Richard Ingham has a history of special picks, so it is perhaps too early to write him off.

At the bottom solid wins for Wrigley, Cornwall and Dunk have left Holland with a lot of work to do in week 10.  The experience of Cornwall and Dunk may well be enough to steer them clear, as the ever unpredictable Wrigley goes for glory in the final week.

Gibbo predicts: Promotion for Rosser (c) and Ingham (with a sensational 4-1 pick), relegation for Holland and Wrigley.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £2684 each
Result: 5/10

Gary Lewis builds on last weeks £4 gain and cements his promotion spot (assuming he doesn't pick something daft of course).  Shakespeare is in the driving seat and should also gain promotion barring a spectacular pick from one of the chasing pack (the ever random Pilkington and the dangerous Ross Jones who will no doubt be stung into action now that his record season has been beaten).  Virdi's requiem was sealed with another loss and his early season promise has rapidly evaporated.

At the bottom Rodgers and Gibbons swap places as Gibbons sr fails for the 4th consecutive week.  Rodger's back-to-back winners have given him a £1.20 cushion and a likely escape.  Simms...... bye.

Gibbos predicts: Promotion for Lewis and the ever-lucky Pilkington, relegation for the Simms (1/9 this season) and Gibbons sr who has been in free-fall and surely can't arrest the slide now.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £316 each
Result: 7/10

Top 8 separated by a mere £1.82, and the top 6 by a mere £0.84.  Pick will follow counter pick, bluff by double-bluff as these fierce competitors look to gain a psychological edge.  The illustrious names of Hughes and Wickett look in a dangerous position, whereas two of the Jones clan make up the remaining spots in the top four.  Lowe and Hickey have proven their ability in to pick longer-shots and even Malone and Britcliffe could gain promotion with odds of less than evens if the results go their way.  This reminds me of the premiership season when West Brom escaped relegation despite going into the final day bottom of the league.  Almost too tough to pick....

The bottom is easy Booth and Jamie Jones need picks of 3-1 upwards to even stand a chance and they look doomed.

Gibbo predicts: Jones (unspecified) and Lowe to gain promotion, Booth and Jones (specified, Jamie) to go down

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £55 each
Result: 6/8

Paul Kinsella returns to winning ways and his promotion looks a sure-thing.  Behind him Julia Ingham (second compared to Richard Ingham's 4th despite him being £2.41 better off) is being hotly pursued by Fields, Farnworth, Lewis and Bailey.  The latter slipping to 6th as he was the only one in the top 6 to fail.  Drury and Cutler look in trouble, but are unlikely to be relegated as there is only eight in the league.

Gibbo predicts: Kinsella and Ingham to be promoted, no-one ot go down.

Good luck all, this is the big one.


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