So close. So very close. While all the world were concentrated on the King Power stadium to see Leicester City lift the premier league trophy I was in an office just off the kings road in London signing a pre contract with a big hollywood producer. What was the film? Forget the Jamie Vardy story starring some no mark postman who has spent his whole life cursing being such an ugly bastard until a stroke of luck and along comes Jamie Vardy scoring for fun but looking like a rejected Mr Punch puppet.
No i kid you not this film was to be an epic. 
A tale of overcoming all the odds a story of keeping your nerve and running against the odds to collect the ultimate in prizes. 
Yes forget Vardy this was the 'Sohail Virdi Story – The 100% perfect season'. 
It was all set the main players had all been cast. Mr Speilberg was going to direct. 
Sohail was being played by Idris Elba – who else
Tony Southworth the figures man behind the whole enterprise was to be played by Stephen Hawking 
David Rosser winner of the Pele league was being portrayed by Ewan McGregor
Paul Brickell runaway winner of the Overall league was taken on by Zlatan Ibrahimovic of PSG
Steph Cook the person behind 'the Steph' pick would obviously be played by the new king of Leicester Claudio Ranieri...... in drag of course - dilly ding dilly dong.
I the commentator, the analyst, was obviously to be played by Tom Cruise (those who know me will see the obvious likenesses, height, physique!!)
The money was on the table, The ink dry on the cheque all we had to do was wait for Champions of serie A, Juventus to beat bottom of the table, some 60 points below Juve, Hellas Verona as selected by Sohail to complete his pefect season and keep his 100% record, and we would all be rich and famous. Trips to the oscars, the Baftas, girls, money, cars fame and fortune at every turn. 
So Sohail........ how did that work out for us all? 
 2-1 two bloody one. I know this is a funny time of the season cos some things have been sorted and games are dead rubbers but top of the table being beaten by bottom of the table come on!!
So its back to the day job chaps.
Here are the winners and losers:
Overall league 
Paul 'Big Pick' Brickell with a whopping 18.50
Pele winner 
David Rosser with an impressive 8.02
Runner up Robert Paton 
GEEGEE, Craig Lowe, Nick Lines & Hodgie333
(great wins for PATRICIA and Ross Jones to avoid the drop at the last minute)
winner Dickson Pato with a huge 16.00 last gasp pick for best of week by far.
Runner up Chris Blackley with a good 7.48
Matthew Gibbons, Chrissy Blackers, Me & Richard Parker
Winner Richard Shepherd 
Runner up Robert Kean
WART, Martyn Cornwell, Trevor Gibbons & Didier Segovia
Winner Phillip Hocknell with 5.10
Runner up Ian Menzies 
Winner - Paul Brickell with 18.50
Runner up Jim McLean 
Winner – James Delahunt with 4.84
Runner up Adetayo Adekunle
Pineapple Lee
Winner – The Binman with a huge 10.34
runner up Steve Tester 5.67
So we are all back to our day jobs thanks to Sohail (!!!) and well done to all the winners. Im not sure when we will back playing again if there is to be a euro predictor or cup or not. But either way be good and lets cheer on the home nations at the euros.
Thanks for reading my shit i hope you like it. At least i get to pretend i have some friends for a bit!!!! got to go my medication is ready...coming nurse.
Alan Blackley 



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