Well Done Leicester & Burnley - Week 9

The biggest ever sporting shock was confirmed then monday night as Spurs blew a two goal lead to hand Leicester the title slightly earlier than expected. (although I did say it would be a draw in both games). Leicester fans must be over the moon while spurs fans are sick as a parrot. But they will be sicker if Arsenal pip them for second place so Come on pick yourselves up and spank southampton and Newcaslte to cement a great season for both Spurs and Leicester.
Bunrley are back up a 22 game unbeaten run! Wow. The ginger Mourinho! Wow. It comes to Brighton or Middlesborough at the weekend. Wow.
But in the leagues its not about the Vardy its all about the Virdi. All hail Sohail. They are sitting one week off an invincible season. ( weeks 9 wins.) Sohail doesn't care if they winn or not but the 100% record is what its all about. You can do it. I've booked an open top bus to come to you next monday in anticipation of your pulling it off. The question is will Sohail go for a 6p Barca pick or throw caution to the wind and go for an away draw for Rangers or a loss for Real Madrid @17.00. we will see.
David Rosser is just keeping it going at the right time.a nice if somewhat late watford win over Villa @0.62 keeps him in line for the prize. Robert Paton flies up to second with A Rangers away draw at St Mirren @3.50 pick of the week don't you know. Sohail is third this week with a value 29p for Arsenal at Norwich.Craig Lowe won with Wigan away @0.62. Come on Sohail.
My boy Chris is top with Oxford away @0.83.David Lloyd is third and won with Arsenal @0.29 Steph abandoned her namesake pick for a Leicester draw this week which paid off @2.40.Ayako Ono went to italy with Juve @0.29and near the bottom richard Parker showed some fighting spirit with Burton Albion @0.95. Four good scores at the top of the league.
Robert Kean moves into second place with a great St Johnstone away pick @2.20. He was the only winner and could now challenge the lead.
Ian Menzies in 2nd had a good win with the Man Utd/ Leicester draw @2.40. and in third Chris Hinch also did well with swansea at home to Liverpool @2.10. The 2nd promotion place really up for grabs here.
The two big boys have this sewn up bu behind them there were two winners. Matt Billing with Bristol City @1.25 and Ian Booth with Wigan away @0.62. foregone conclusion here unless someone reels in a big one.
Adetayo sits top and won again with Dortmund at home @0.40.The only other winner was john chinedu Omam with Arsenal @0.29.
Pineapple Lee
Only one winner here but it moves Steve Tester into second he went for Swansea at home @2.10 and leapfrogs Glen McPherson. Close behind the bin man –he's cleaned up ..oh come on.... I'm here all week.... I thank you.
Will Sohail prevail or will lady fete draw a veil on sohail. Will the sun shine or will it hail on sohail.
Will Sohail hold their nerve or will they bale? Whats happens if they fail? It will be a tale. They've crawled to the record like a snail. Fill in your own here.....................


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