Well thats it then. Well done to Leicester City they can confirm what we've all known for weeks at the weekend and it will be the biggest ever shock win. But they deserve it. It gives hope to all the other 'smaller' teams in the prem and top reaches of the championship.
Without one last huge twist it should all be ruber stamped soon enough.
Unlike the top of the championship where the top three share 87 points and Boro play Brighton last game of the season. How could the fixture list scheduler get it so right. Give that man a raise.
The relegation from the championship is done and dusted with Mk Dons and Charlton joining Bolton lets hope they don't do what Leeds and Portsmouth did and drop further.
In the leagues its hotting up.
GEEGEE has pick of the week with Celtic's shock 1-1 draw against Ross County @5.50. He goes 2nd. Sohail Virdi still has 100% record with just two weeks to go . COME ON YOU CAN DO IT. This week it was Man City @0.33. Ross Jones won well with Sheff Utd and Barnsley draw @2.40
and Tony Southworth won well too with 1.20 for Man utd's FA Cup semi final win.
Malcolm Gibson extends at top with Chelsea away @1.25. Chris Blackley stays 2nd but David Lloyd is catching up with the Sunderland/ Arsenal draw @ 2.75. The other winner was Ayako Ono who went for Inter @0.50.
Richard Shepherd leads and won with Chelsea @1.25. Malcolm had best pick with Blackburn/Bristol City draw @ 2.50 and Chris Cann also won with Man City.
Three wins at the top three. Zach had best with Braintree away @1.80 then Patrizio with Juve away @1.15 and finally at the top Phillip Hocknell won with Brighton away @0.60.
No wins for top two. Paul Brickell is in danger of going under £20!! Three winners though. Lee Denson had Chelsea @1.25 and Ian Booth had Burnley away @ 1.20 lastly Matt Blling who got 1.10 for Millwall away.
top four all win here and its really close. James Delahunt got 60p for Brighton. Adetayo Adekunle went to Spain for Sevilla at home @0.50. Mono Guerillo went for Man Utd @1.20 and John Chinedu Omam got 57p for Southampton away.
Pineapple Lee
Four winners here. At the top the binman was just looking for a win and got it with 6p for Barcelona. Glen McPherson goes second with a great win 3.50 for the Liverpool /Newcastle draw.
James Glass had a nice win with Nice @0.91. Martin Foldys also won with Portsmouth at home @0.90.
Well thats it two weeks to go maybe new champions by next weekend. Lots to play for at both ends of the leagues and the answer to the question we all want answered.... will Sohail prevail.
Cheers Al       


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