Why is it all about the ref? - Week 7

So another big game and what are we talking about.?.... The ref.
He had a bad game and felt he had to level up his bad decisions by giving Leicester a non penalty at the end. What a dick. But it gives Spurs a slight sniff.
At the other end two big wins for the North east sides but poor Villa are down. Been in the top flight for a lot of years and gone out with a whimper. On paper they don't look too bad but on grass they are shit. Will Norwich join them didn't look great at weekend... got to be a worry. COYS.(im leeds but my whole family are Spurs supporters so if they could win the league i'll be left in peace for a while!!)
In the leagues
David Rosser is in full flow he won well with Watford away @2.20and leads by a full £3. In second Sohail kept it going again with Real Madrid @0.29, come on you can do it #invincible. Tony Southworth (who he?) went third with a nice 1.10 for Burnley away and Crag Lowe stuck with Man Utd @0.22
Malcolm Gibson won with Liverpool away @1.10 he thought he was clear but then Chris Blackley picked out best pick of the week with Luton towns win over Oxford Utd @7.00 and he is now top by 60p. David Lloyd goes third with Brightons demolition job @0.73. Ayako Ono won 40p for PSG .
Joint second place here for Tom Kerr who won with Man City at Chelsea @1.75 and Gareth Hedges who won with Liverpool @1.10. The only other winner here was Chris Cann with 22p for Man Utd.
Only one winner here Darryn Cook who had the Liverpool result @1.10.
Both big winners here lost out. Further down the league James Holland won 1.75 for Man City Andy Ewart won 83p for Fiorentina and Lee Denson had the Liverpool win @1.10. Paul Brickell still leads by the odd £11 or so.
There is 4p between 1st and second here. James Delahunt went for Brighton @0.73 but Adetayo Adekunle had a good win with the Everton/Southampton draw @2.40. Mono Guerillo goes third with Mansfields 5-0 win @1.00.
Pineapple Lee
The Binman extended his lead with a good Berwick Rangers win @2.25.Steve Tester had the only other win another good one 2.50 for the Leicester west Ham draw @2.50.Steve goes 2nd only £10.81 behind the binman.
Keep up the good work.


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