Tut Tut Tustian - Week 6

David Rosser wins the second analysis cup. A good AFC Bournemouth win @1.20 sees him take the cup. Well done David.

So Leicester are champs elect. They just keep on rolling on. Spurs look good for second and then I think it may be Man City and West Ham for top four!! At the bottom it looks increasingly bleak in the north east. Looking at other sport, Did you catch the final round of the PGA Masters. OMG Jordan Speith just blew up a toal meltdown. It has to be the worst capitulation by a leader ever. I couldn't believe my eyes. I know Golf exciting who knew?
And how many rich Take That fans are there after Rule The World romped the Grand National. A great sporting weekend.

In the leagues
David Rosser goes top with his Bournemouth win @1.20. sohail keeps on the trail with their 100% record in tact still. This week it was Real Madrid @ 0.17. Craig Lowe went for 'The Steph' @1.15. Nick Lines won 57p to have a sniff at survival with Bradford. And Tony Southworth went for Burnley @0.50.

My lot forgot to pick so only 6 here. But 5 won. Wow that a good win percentage. The best was Steph Cook with her namesake pick @1.15. She sits 2nd . At the top Malcolm Gibson won with Palace @1.05. David Lloyd went safe with Man City @0.33. Richard Parker got Spurs 3-0 win over Man Utd @1.00 and Ayako Ono went for Liverpool @ 0.57.

Malcolm was best near the bottom with 1.20 for Bournemouth. Richard Shepherd is top with 1.15 for 'the steph' and Chris Cann is safely safe with Real Madrid @ 0.17.

Top 3 all won here. Phillip Hocknell was Bournemouth @1.20 Ian menzies was [email protected] 1.00 and Zach got 1.20 for Tranmere away.

Four wins here but none for runaway leader Paul Brickell The best was James Holland with 'the steph' @ 1.15. Lee Denson went to sunny Espana with Atletico @1.00. Daniel Cook got 1.05 for Palace and Ian Booth won at the bottom with Boro @ 0.57.

 Two wins out four James Delahunt had 'the steph' @ 1.15 and goes top. John Chinedu Omam won 33p with Man City.

Pineapple Lee
The Binman at the top won with Villareal @0.53. James Glass won 1.10 for Juventus away at AC Milan . Glen Mc Pherson continues a winning streak towards a plus score with 2.10 for RotherhamUtd. And Steve Tester won 1.00 for Spurs . Second place is really up for grabs here anyone from 2nd to 7th could take it.

So loads to play for i still think there are some more twists to come before the season is over.


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