Season 5 - Week 8


Some of us are brilliant - for the Maradona League and the Lineker league to get 8/10 with the picks they chose is utterly sensational.  Some of us are rubbish, both the Pele league and Lee League's are frankly underwhelming, safe obvious picks, but still a complete inability to actually get them right.  Individually some of us are brilliant - David Rosser is on £8.48 and set for a record season, Nick Kelly has picked 7/7 and (the beavers are beavering away to check the back end of last season - beaver news just in he lost the last game of last season so his streak is 7) is set for record breaking winning streaks.  Some of us (okay just Tony and Nik Simms) are rubbish picking only 1/8 this season.  Monkeys frantically jabbing betting coupons would (and probably have) do better.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £466 each
Result: 6/10

I think I may have ceded the title too early last week, although Nick Kelly is in imperious form (with his 7th consecutive winner) on £6.37, I am a mere £2.84 behind, which is just two losers for Nick and one and a half winners for me (i.e. either a cracking winner and a loss, or two safety first picks.)  My pick of Blackburn away at 2.6 (positively a long-shot for Steady Eddy Gibbons) was inspired and pressure inducing and easily the longest pick of the week.... in the top flight.

Paul Chadbourne has eased away from the relegation zone with a safety first strategy of Celtic at home, which has pulled back both Paul Drury and Matt Haywood, who have both been winking coquettishly at relegation all season..... whereas Tony has taken a more direct approach to flirtation and stared relegation firmly in the face.  Like 50-over cricket Tony is doomed.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £3279 each
Result: 8/10

David Rosser has seized this league by the scruff of the neck and is now shaking it vigorously side to side, Man City at home have propelled him to a vertigo inducing £8.48, amazingly though neither the title nor promotion can be assured.  In an ultra-competitive league there are 5 people over £3!  Pete Finch picked an amazing return to form for Sheffield Wednesday at 4.00 to storm ahead of Richard Ingham, who opted for a safety first strategy.  Ben Gould picked a draw and Rob Noyce an away win to keep the pressure on. 

Waaaaay down at the bottom over £10 behind the leaders Chris Cornwall begins his Lazarus like ascent to safety Dunk-ing Holland into the relegation zone.  Dunk is in a Hole-and needs to find a winner to get out of it.  A mere £1.07 clear of relegation Wrigley must be squirming in his seat.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £19536 each
Result: 8/10

Success for Shakespeare, Virdi and Reeve has been somewhat overshadowed by, and I use this word very lightly, heroic picks from Lewis, Pilkington, Clare and Jones (R).  Of particular note was Gary Lewis' pick of Chelsea Fulham draw, an astute assessment of the debacle that is Avram Grant.  With that win he has leap-frogged Shakespeare to the top of the league.  1st (obviously) to 7th are now all in the hunt for promotion.

You know how in America children divorce their parents, is that rule in here yet..... never mind, Simms has gone (prove me wrong - you picked a team that let in 7!), but Rodgers has dragged Gibbons sr back into a relegation battle with a solid Everton home win.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £2710 each
Result: 5/10

I am loving this league, it has opened up the old Websters, looked up tight and stated categorically that they can redefine it.  Tight as a gnats ass, tight as an unemployed Scotsman, no no no, "tight as a Dickov league" is the new phrase.  £1.41 separates 1st from 8th.  Good wins for Britcliffe and Malone, but an exceptional draw pick (Derby Bolton) for Lowe was the highlight as last weeks 1-2-3 lost, the others have taken the opportunity to close the gap.  With 8 players above £1 - it looks dangerous for Jamie Jones and Ian Booth, the latter in particular can feel aggrieved being £3 adrift of safety with a total that would not even be in the relegation zone in Divs 1-3!

The Jason 'Pineapple' Lee League

Potential winnings: £216 each
Result: 4/8

Paul Kinsella's fall from grace has been meteoric and his 4th loser in 5 weeks just proves it was beginners luck (prove me wrong).    Fortunately the poor form of the others still leaves him with a £3 cushion and probably enough of a lead to ensure promotion.  A quick glance at the form table shows that only two people (Ingham and Lewis) have actually managed to gain over the last three weeks.

This has led to a tight league with 2nd to 6th being in the (Nicky) hunt for promotion.  Ben Drury is currently losing the "who's the worst brother" competition (i.e. beating his brother), but the Drury house is on the whole a let down this season.

Tim Cutler went for safety first and lost, choosing Chelsea to win, a disappointing season for Cutler and he can only hope that the league is going to operate a 2 up zero down policy.

Remarkably overall we are beating the bookies, so if we had put on singles each week (which would be no fun) we would be showing an admirable return of 7.99%, beat that Northern Rock!


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