We're gonna win the euros!!!! - Week 4

Well what an impact Jamie Vardy made a great goal. Well done son. An a Spurs one two to make sure. Really good show from our lads. Bring on the summer.

In the leagues. Pele
It's how it was at the top of the league. Bob Paton won 40p for Austria. Sohail won again with a safe Rangers @20p. PATRICIA was only other winner with Wigan away @1.00.

Malcolm Gibson was the only patriotic one among us he was rewarded with 5.50 for it. He goes top. I was next biggest winner with Wigan @1.00. Chris Blackley won with Grimsby at home @.0.80. Ayako Ono went Poland for 0.57 and Richard Parker got 40p for Austria.

Only 3 wins here. Malcolm with 1.00 for Wigan. WART got 25p for Dunfermline an Gareth Hedges got 20p for Rangers.

Only Darryn Cook won here with Mexico @ 0.33. Nuff said.

Here is where it all happened. Paul 'the big pick' Brickell did it again. 10.00 for Bulgaria away in Portugal. But he wasn't alone with the big picks Jim McLean got 8.00 for Cowdenbeath north of the border. Other wins here for Joe McGinley ,1.05 for France. Matt Billing 1.00 for Wigan and Andy Ewart with Dover's demolition of Torquay @ 1.00.

Just one winner here James Delahunt got 0.83 for Halifax at home.

Pineapple Lee
Two wins here but different ends of spectrum. Chris Tustian got 1.00 for Wigan. And The Binman weighed in with joint best of the week Bulgaria @ 10.00. He drives his bin Larry to the top of the pile.

Analysis cup.

Ah bit of bother here. I am away this week and left the sheet with the scores from last season at home. Two games had no winner so they have to be separated by last seasons total. But I can't do that at the moment.

So I've made the draw with both players showing and when I get home I'll see who went through and tell you in results for next week.
So the draw is:

Chrissy blackers or GEEGEE v David Rosser or Matthew Gibbons
Robert Paton v Chris Tustian

Bit of a bugger but I just haven't got the info with me. So I'll give final line up next week.
Good luck


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