Fa Cup - Week 9

Normal service is resumed. Well apart from Spurs &West Brom. Leeds score a shinner own goal to fuck it right up. Even Man Utd win...and thats saying something. Tonight The Arse go down 2-0 to Barcelona and some knob rings talksport and in answer to the question what is wrong at Arsenal? He starts by saying as an Arsenal fan he feels priveleged to have seen lionel Messi score against his own team. WHAT. You are glad you paid thrught he nose to see your team lose and because it was Messi who scored thats ok.....knob.

In the leagues
Hodgie333 won with mansfield @0.73 Sohail won again with Burnley @0.50 and Nick Lines scored with Hibs @0.20. Bob Paton was called off. Its anyones with a big win in the pele.

Its really close here. 5 players with a score between 1p and 1 pound. I had the best win with Everton away @ a value 1.25. Craig Lowe won well with West Ham @1.10 and steph got the same score for Chelsea's demolition of Man city reserves. @1.10. Tony Southworth got 0.50 for Burnley.

David Rosser is flying ahead with another win watford @0.67. Glen McPherson scored pick of the week with Palace at Spurs @5.00. Ross Jones in second place scored well with Derby @1.50 James Delahunt got 0.73 for Mansfield. But poor Steve Tester would have had pick of the week any other week with The arsenal draw @2.90.

Ayako Ono scored again with PSG @0.20 and leads the way. Ian Menzies scored well with Northampton @1.00 and Matthew Gibbons won with Chesterfield @0.80.

Chrissy B stays on top with a safe Celtic pick @0.17. Dan Cook scored with Reading at 1.63 Lee Denson won with Everton @1.25 and Richard Parker with Bury @1.05 to go 2nd. That spot is all to play for.

WART leads by miles and won welll again with West Ham @1.10. Ben warman won with 1.00 and Martin young with Sheff Utd @0.80. Mono Guerillo won with 1.00 and Gareth Hedges won with 17p for Celtic.

Ali Dia
its game on for Matt witha good win for Millwall at 1.25 he pulls just 11p behind alex for the winners spot. Keep it up guys one week to go.

So there it is. One week to go in the leagues. One big win from glory. So go for it.
The draw for the Analysis cup and will be posted on next weeks analysis and it will start from week one of the next season.



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