Raheem Sterlings chicken arms - Week 8

Ok first a quick apology for lack of analysis for last week. But a mention for PATRICIA & Gareth Hedges who both went for Leicester city away @5.00. and Alex Schams who went for the Liverpool 77 minute draw @ 4.00. well done all three.

This week well where to start got to be with Raheem Sterling's chicken arms. He was having chicken tonight and the ref gives a pen. Spurs breath a sigh of relief and then go and nick it with a good goal . Then just before that Liverpool had put an end to a woeful Villa 6-0 Championship for sure, and even before that Arsenal had been labouring against Leicester after a Vardy penalty when Leicester go down to ten men and Arsene sends on two subs. To be honest after Walcott equalised and I heard Danny Welbeck was coming on I just knew what would happen. 95 minutes and he scores written in the stars!! But what a great title race this season not just the usual big four but two teams who don't normally get up there. I am really enjoying it. And I hope I am not alone with looking forward with a quiet optimsm to the euros.

In the leagues
Its gone. Yes it has Sohail Virdis 100% record has gone.Psg could only draw 0-0 so thats it. There is only one player now with a 100% record. More of that later.
Only three winners here. PATRICIA was the best with 1.25 for Hull away then Martyn Cornwell started his climb to safety with Sheff weds @1.00 and Hodgie333 also won with Brighton at home @0.62.

The lead changes hands Chris Blackley goes top after Southampton away at 1.40. It wasn't the best though as Phillip Hocknell tipped Swindon away @2.20. James Holland also got 1.40 for Bristol city at home. Craig Lowe won with Liverpools demolition of Villa @0.91 and I won with Brighton @0.62.

A new leader here from nowhere David Rosser storms to the top with watford at Palace @2.40Trevor Gibbons also wins with Sheff weds @1.00. and last but not least James Delahunt got Plymouth @1.10. Close one this

Lots of winners here. Only two losers actually.Matty Gibbons was best with 2.75 for Spurs at Man City @2.75 then Chris Hinch with Southampton away @1.40 Ian Menzies went italian with Juve @1.10. Zach got Liverpool @0.91 Patrizio went for AC Milan @0.70 and Jonathan Dunk got 62p for Brighton, Ayako Ono stays top with 22p for Real Madrid still the only one in positive figures leading the way.

Pick of the week here and its a doozy. Jim McLean got 8.00 for Alloa Athletic drawing with Rangers great picking Jim. But he doesn't go top cos my missus Chrissy Blackers wemt for Southampton away @1.40 and stays top by 1.20. Joe McGinlet won well with The Arse at home @0.80 and lastly Richard Parker got Brighton @0.62. makes it interesting.

WART spits pus at the rest and extends at the top with Hull away @1.25.

Pineapple Lee
So here it is the last 100% record The kiss of death for next week for Chris Cann. He won with Real Madrid @22p.That was it in the Lee league. Gareth Hedges is still miles ahead after last weeks big one.

Ali Dia
So Matt has some competition Alex Schams is making it look easy after a big one last week this week they picked Spurs @2.75. Matt also won with the Norwich /west Ham draw @2.30. Stick with it guys next ten week season you'll have more competition around you for sure.

There are a few in the holdsworth it would be good to see you all hang around too. This is a great little comp and highly under used we have loads of people who don't retuen after registering so all you new guys hang around and enjoy.

News: The start of the next season week one will see the start of this seasons analysis cup.You will  all be entered and drawn out then your weeks score will determine if you win through or not highest score going thru. If you both lose then your previous seasons total score will be used. For details of rules see last times (analysis in season 33 week 8)

Cheers All


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