Stop the press! Chelsea win!! - Week 5

So chelsea manage to win against the Arsenal, and now arsenal have only taken 8 points from a possible 18 are they gunner win the title?? Or will Leicester stay on top or can Spurs and deli alli rise to the top, or will the Mancs swoop in. Exciting stuff.

Inthe leagues not so good this week.
Four wins here. Malcolm gibson stays top with Spurs away @1.10 Nick Lines scored with Hibs at home @0.44 Robert Paton had a huge one.... Peterhead & Dunfermline draw @2.60. All hail Sohail they keep on winning, this week Barca away @0.33 will this safe strategy prove triumphant. Time will tell.

Four wins here too. I won. With 'The Steph' @0.91 and Andy Ewart won well with the mighty Leeds @1.15. Steph Cook took Liverpool in a 9 goal thriller away at Norwich @0.90 and Tony Southworth won well with Spurs @1.10 and sweeps to the top spot.

Three wins here. Top two in the league Ross Jones won with Brighton @1.00 & David Rosser took [email protected] and Tom Kerr won with Spurs @1.10.

Only two wins here and vastly different. Pick of the week Carl Slade with Southampton away at Man Utd @3.50 who moves into second. Debut goal for Charlie austin. And then 22p for Zach with Celtic.

Only One winner here then. That one is my wife Chrissy Blackers who went for Liverpool @0.90 she leads the way by a distance.

Two winners here and both for the same amount 1.10. They were, in stereo, Mono Guerillo with Spurs and Nigel Howlett with East Fife who goes 2nd.

Pineapple Lee
At last a one hundred percent record of wins. A 100% win rate. every picker wins. We have waited for this day for a long.......sorry ?? whats that.....oh appears there were only two pickers in this league....and won.
So they were Gareth Hedges with Spurs @1.10 and Chris Cann with PSG @0.17. er...well done. They are top two.

Ali Dia

Matt lost...unlucky.


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