Premiership title race hots up - Week 4

Arsenal lead the way, Leicester are still in there  man City too and Spurs and man Utd are winning still looks like a good run in. Chelsea are still shooting themselves in the foot, maybe they should try that go out and shoot the opponent in the foot they may get a win then.

In the leagues
Malcolm Gibson goes top with a great Newcastle win @1.60 hot on his heels is Dickson Pato after a french fancy with Bordeaux @1.30. In third and only 57p off top is Hodgie333 who won with Northampton away @1.05.wins also for Sohail Virdi Spurs @0.33 and Nick Lines 0.44p for Hull at home. But joint pick of the week is held by Malcolm with Brighton away @1.88.

Three winners here. Tony Southworth won 33p for Spurs. Daz Cook got it right with 1.60 for Newcastle and Chris Blackley went for Northampton @1.05.

At the top Robert Kean was called off but stays top. Ross Jones won with Sheff weds win @0.90. Trevor Gibbons won with Forest at home @0.73. James Delahunt at the bottom started a long climb with 44p for Hull.

Only three wins here too. Win at the top for Ayako Ono with Spurs. Matty Gibbo got 90p for Bournemouth and Patrizio went to his homlenad for Juve away @0.57.

So in this weather you can't rely on the scottish games being on. Its cold up there. Two players had games postponed Jim McGinley & Jim McLean. The only winner was Richard parker with a magnificent man city @0.36.

Two whoppers here joint pick of the week for WART Brighton away @1.88 great value if you think about it. Then there is Didier Segovia with Newcastle @1.60. Wins for the top two only.although Nigel Howlett was called off.

Chris Cann with 33p for Spurs and Gareth Hedges with 6p for Real Madrid. Whoa go easy.

Ali Dia
Poor ole Matt Billing keep going. Good lad next season you'll get some proper competition Matt stick with it son. He won 44p with Hull City's mauling of Charlton.

Keep it up people we're halfway this week so pick well, take a chance feel the adrenalin coursing during the game and then reap the huge rewards at the final whistle..........or just go for 6p like Gareth!! 6p Gareth....come on..... was it worth it......really?


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