Season 5 - Week 7

"Weekend Predictor ruined my weekend".... not my quote, but it easily could be.  Isn't it horrible when you're banker doesn't come in?  I was convinced Watford would easily roll over QPR, but they couldn't.  30/48 of us found equal disappointment in what could well be our worst ever week, we were not even close.

"It's tough at the top" would be equally applicable as 4 of the top 5 from last week slipped up (only the unstoppable Nick Kelly ploughed on maintaining his 100% record).  It goes without saying it's also tough at the bottom and Nik Simms and Tony Southworth continue to plummet new depths.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £2886 each
Result: 4/10

Nick Kelly's gargantuan lead at the top all but guarantees him the Pele league title.  I hereby formally cede the title to him, as I can't bring myself to chase longshots on week 10 (although others may try).  A fine pick by Jimmy Smith pulls him out of the relegation battle, leaving Paul Chadbourne, Paul Drury and Matt Haywood (separated by a mere 19p) to scrap it out to escape the dreaded relegation.  I'm afraid Tony Southworth looks relegated, over £3 adrift at the bottom.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £16288 each
Result: 5/10

The most successful league this week, and still only 50% success.  The top 2 lost allowing Pete Finch to gain a glimmer of hope following Man U's defeat of Chelsea.  Simon Gurd's pick of Portsmouth away at Blackburn has powered him up to mid-table leaving Dunk and Cornwall in the relegation zone.  Although the previously doomed looking Cornwall's success has given him a fighting chance of escape.  Holland and Wrigley remain perilously close to the drop zone.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £7093 each
Result: 2/10

Worst league ever.  3 people in positive figures, no-one above £2, 2/10 this week.  Although a trifle negative you can understand Shakespeare's safety first strategy as he looks to secure promotion, no-one else appears capable of consistently picking a winner, so all he has to do is not be as bad as everyone else.  His 16p gain from Arsenal was really worth £1.16 as everyone but Virdi slipped up.  Simms looks doomed, and Rodgers is in danger of joining him, although Ross Jones remains just one good win away.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £3090 each
Result: 4/10

The top five from last week all lost, so the only real change is that Andrew Jones now joins the chasing pack.  Wickett and Hickey remain in pole position but am second unsuccessful week would surely not go unpunished again.  A marvellous pick from Britcliffe pulls him away from the relegation zone, but in a strange week the bottom half had the success the top half desired, both Ian Booth and Jamie Jones picked good priced winners to drag Craig Lowe in to an unexpected and unwanted relegation battle.

The Jason 'Pineapple' Lee League

Potential winnings: £124 each
Result: 3/8

Despite his loss, Paul Kinsella looks well set at the top of the league, still £4.68 clear at the top.  With 2nd and 7th separated by less that £2 the battle for the second spot is well and truly on, the momentum may well rest with our only female picker (unless there are others picking under a pseudonym) who was the only person to pick a decent priced winner this week.  Having said that Matt Bailey's 1.16 pick was good enough and he may well up his game when (or indeed if) it is needed.

Apologies for the slightly shorter and markedly unfunnier commentary I am not well this week and it appear to have impacted on my humour..... you see if I was in a funny mood I would have invented some clever pun surrounding either the funny bone or the Aqueous Humour..... but I can't so sorry.... I'll be back next week.


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