The magic of the cup - Week 3

So only Swansea were dumped out of the cup by two great Roofe goals for Oxford Utd. Villa were shite and got dogs abuse as they got on their bus.How you got ta laugh. Eastleigh are still alive too with a replay against woeful Bolton and they play Leeds in the next round. Nice draw.

In the leagues.

Big win for the one legged bandit Martyn Cornwell with the Wycombe draw @2.30. He moves to second. Wins also for Sohail at the top with another calculated pick of Everton @0.14. Hodgie333 scored 0.53 with Derby away. Nick lines won with [email protected] Robert Paton won with Celtic away @0.14 and PAT was unlucky that Newport was postponed.


Just two winners. Me with Bournemouth @ 0.80 and Craig Lowe with Derby @0.53. Tony south worth had Game postponed.

Six winners and one postponed. Good showing. Pick of the week for David Rosser with Palace away @3.00. Robert Kean with Scottish pick Morton away @1.50. Tom Kerr won with Stoke away @0.75. And Trevor Gibbons got Posh @1.60. Ross Jones won 0.90 for Sheffield Weds. Richard Shepherd went safe with [email protected] Matty Roworth was called off. Competitive stuff.

3 wins. ian Menzies was best with SDEibar at home 1.00. Chris Hinch also went castanet with Atletico Madrid @0.83. As did Ayako Ono with Reals demolition of deporting @0.14.

My missus won with Sheff Weds @0.90. Richard Parker got lucky with Man Utd @0.29.  Joe McGinley was called off.

Just WART called off that's it.

Chris Cann got 0.18 for Chelsea. Gareth Hedges got 4p for Barca.

Matt Billing won with Millwall away @1.20

Keep it up


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