Christmas - Week 1

Hi, sorry I was away last week for xmas and didn't have time between mince pies and huge turkey dinners to do analysis. So just a bit of a Mention for Robert Paton and his 13 ick of Motherwell to beat Celtic. There were a couple of 6+ picks which did mean that Steph cook lost out on promotion as she was jocked into thuird place by Robert and Malcolm Gibson with two huge picks. She should have stuck with her namesake pick which won again.

Ok Week 1 now. Top pick of the week was shared with Chrissy Blackers and Matty Roworth who both went for Chelsea's draw with watford @3.60.Great start guys.

In the Pele we had only 8 pickers the winners were Malcolm Gibson with the Stoke win against Man utd @2.25. Hodgie333 won with Plymouth @0.70and Sohail Virdi won with spurs @0.40.
Two games were called off .

Nine pickers but only one winner. Phillip Hocknell won with Southend away @1.50. Chris Blackley had game called off.

A very competitive league here already. Matty Roworth leads with Chelski draw @3.60 Robert Kean is close behind with Kilmarnock away @3.20. Richard Shepherd gets 2.20 for the Villa draw. Ross Jones scored with Rotherham @1.38 Glen McPherson won well with last gasp Evertone away @1.25. Steve Tester wins 0.91 for Liverpool ending Leicesters run. Trevor Gibbons won with Derby at home @0.50. Tom Kerr won 0.40 with Spurs demolition of Norwich. Blimey this is the league to watch me thinks.

Only Ayako Ono won with Evertone @1.25

Chrissy Blackers with Chelsea draw @3.60. Ian Booth went for Huddersfield  at home @1.50. Lee Denson won with Liverpool @0.91 and Richard Parker won with [email protected]  Joe Mcginley had called off game.

one called off game -thats it.

Pineapple Lee
Small fry here Gareth Hedges get 0.40 for Spurs. Chris Cann got 18p for Man City at Home.

Ali Dia
Just alex Schams picking here won with Liverpool @0.91. stick with it Alex even if you are on your own keep picking and aim for overall league title. Promotion will come next 10 week season.

Happy New Year to you all.


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