Chelsea lose again - Week 4

Chelsea lose again. Villa get a point. Leeds win again...and they've kept their manager for more than two weeks! What is happening to the world!!
I can't believe whats happeneing at the bridge, they can't buy a win. Its a real pantomime. will Jose go? what do you reckon?. Looks like Gary Monk will go from Swansea ..David Moyes is now jobless so watch this space!! Leeds won 3-0 at the weekend, that's two on the trot....what's happening. Serously though did you see the smile on the coach drivers face? He was so happy bless him. Great Mowatt goal for second week running though.
And back in the Prem, Jamie Vardy OMG nine on the bounce. Leicester are on fire!!. Long may it continue.

In the leagues

Full house of picks. Only four won. Malcolm was best performer with Blackburn/Brentford draw @2.75. Then Matty Roworth picked the tractor boys away @1.40. Nick lines was safe with Millwall in the cup @0.36 and all hail Sohail (again) another hoops win @0.33.

Only three winners here. My boy Chris Blackley was best with Luton away in the Fa Cup @1.20. Robert Paton went north of the border for Hearts @0.95. Steph Cook went for 'the Steph' and weighed in with 0.83. Keep going guys.

A capital performance for PATRICIA who scored 3.00 for the north london derby draw WART also won well with the blackburn/brentford draw @2.75. The only other winner was Nigel Howlett with Hearts @0.95. better luckk next time.

Here we have both the best pick of the week and the lowest winning pick of the week. Pete Cornwell got best pick with a brave Salford City Home win @3.33. Many won't know but Pete is the secretary of the Gary Neville fan club. Its a growing club with well over 20 members at present
although that does include Neville Neville (what was his mum & dad thinking??? its just lazy baby naming isn't it!!) and he may not count now as he is ...erm...well....dead!
Err.... Moving on... the lowest pick of the week was for Matty Gibbons with the ultra ultra safe Rangers at home to Alloa (one legged & blind) Athletic @0.07p. Whoa you go easy there boy.
Also winners were Andy Ewart with the Stoke win over Chelsea @3.00 & Ayako Ono for Aberdeen @0.44.

I forgot to pick this week what a c.......twat. Daniel Cook won well with Cardiff managing to score at last @2.10 & Jim McLean with Mortons home win @1.15.

Only winner here was Richard Shepherd who went for Stoke @3.00. Your name reminds me of a story my step daughter when she was 15 full of hope that the world would be good to her went to the careers bloke at her school. It was a good school and she had done well in mock exams and had good reports all the way through her schooling. We had high hopes for her and she thought she was doing well and had lots of ambition to succeed. So she wanted to see what the careers guy thought she should aim at when she left school based on her subjects taken and her predicted exams results. We were thinking maybe Burger king....fuck Macdonalds.. thats for shitheads.....
Seriously she wanted to be a nurse (which she is now ) so the careers master input all her details into the careers computer programme and it came up with her ideal career........A Shepherdess. A fucking Shepherdess. I pissed myself laughing. Her face was a picture. A fucking shepherdess.....she does own a border collie now though!!!

lastly Jason Pineapple Lee
Only one win here too.David Rosser went for Stoke too @3.00.

International break now. Spain & France  for England. Come on the Republic of Ireland you can do it in the play offs. Be good


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