Oh dear Taxi for Mourinho. What is happening, Its like there is a time warp at Stamford Bridge they've gone back to 1985 or something.

In the leagues
Course you can malcolm. Malcolm flies to the top of the pele with a sporran slapping value pick of Hearts @1.30. He leads by £2.25. Ross Jones won with Sheff [email protected] All Hail sohail wins again with Southampton @0.57. the last win was for Nick Lines 0.44 for the wigan win.

Steph Cook took her named pick 'the steph' (leicester city to win) @1.50 keeps here top. Joint pick of the week Malcolm Gibson is second he went for Liverpool @3.00. Phillip Hocknell won well with 1.75 for Bristol Rovers away. Stephs other harf Darryn won with [email protected] and Lee Denson scored the same for Juve's derby win. The other winner was Robert Paton with Celtic @0.44.

Four winners here three of them over 1.00. Bob Kean is top after the value Hearts pick @1.30. WART is septic...sorry static at third after he went for the [email protected] GEEGEE galloped away with this best win of the league Annan away @1.90. Waynes brother Tom Kerr went garlic side with Monaco @0.62.

Matty Gibbons shared best pick of the week Liverpool away @3.00 and goes top. Jonathan Dunk won with Burnley at home @0.73 and 0.57 was a popular score for both Tony Sthwth and Ayako Ono for Soton & Juve respectively.Richard too long name bibby won 1.00 with Sheff weds .all to play for here.

Five winners here. I'm runnng away with it at the moment ...get in there....I went with 'the Steph' this week. Jim McLean won north of the border with Greenock Morton @1.30. My missus also won with sheff weds @1.00 Craig Lowe went for wigan @0.44 and Richard Parker went safe with in form Mboro @0.36.

top two were only winners Trevor Gibbons won with mboro @0.36 to stay ahead of Mono Guerillo who went for watford @1.38.

Pineapple Lee
Glen McPherson won with ultra safe pick of Man City (although they only just made it home) @0.25 but David Rosser shares pick of the week with Liverpool @3.00 he closes the gap right up.Dong Zheng went with the steph @1.50.

So all to play for guys. Time just flies by so make sure you grab it and do all you want to do while you can. You never know what tomorrow brings seize the day ladies and gentlemen seize the day.

Yours Al
a man surrounded by dying people and illness.


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