ITS OFFICIAL. I'M BACK - Season 38 - Week 1

Have you missed me? Really????     aaaw schucks..
I'm sorry I haven't been about to do the ol' anal cists. Hell its all I could do to find the time to pick!
But now its different I'm here and here to stay! Woohoo.

Coincidence Alert!!
I promise I was always planning to return this week I let the last season finish and thought I'll jump in at the start of the next season, its pure coincidence that I share best pick of the week!!
I went for West Ham away at Palace @nett 3.00 so did Glen McPherson in the pineapple Lee league. Well done great minds and all that.

So how did we do?

Nine picked this first week and five won. Leading the way is James Holland with a great french pick of Angers SCO beating Toulouse @3.20, In second place is promoted Martyn cornwell who also found himself garlic influenced with a Guingamp/Lille draw @ 2.10. Malcolm stayed in England at least and got a nice 1.80 from a Mk Dons win.Hodgie333 started with a win getting 0.80
fro Gills late winner away at Crewe and All hail Sohail who started safe with Celtic away @0.33.

A full house of pickers here but only four winners. Patrizio leads with Atalanta at home @ 0.73. Steph Cook follows with The Arse away @0.57 then Chris Blackley Chelski and Robert Paton Man City both scored 0.33. A safe start from this league.

Another full house over half won. Six in total. A capital performance by PATRICIA with MK Dons
North of the border provided rich pickings for Robert Kean with Hearts away @1.40. In third WART burst all over Man Utd @1.20.James Delahunt won well with WBA @0.91 and GEEGEE (lots of capitals in this league) won with Falkirk at home @0.73 and lastly Chris Cann and he did. The Arse @0.57.

full house of ten here too. Nice to see. Richard Peter Couch Bibby(nice name, you should have seen the vicar at his christening a six foot skinny baby trying to get him in the font...nightmare) he towers above everyone else by going sausage side for a kloppless Dortmund @1.50 . In second is Zach he picked out the six goal revival of [email protected] Ian Menzies went WBA @0.91, Chris Hinch was the Arse pick here @0.57 and Matthew Gibbons was safe with Man city @0.33

still 8 pickers here not a bad turn out. I lead the way with an inspired West Ham pick @3.00 then its Joe McGinley who would be happy with the Spurs/Liverpool draw @2.40. Craig Lowe went against the other love of my life, Leeds United and won cos we're shite at the moment at home, he won 1.30  Richard Parker was the other winner with Man City @0.33.

Four picks here and three winners. Trevor Gibbons won well with the tractor Boys draw @2.50 and leads the way. In second is Jimmy Smith who kept faith with [email protected] And Mono Guerillo
who went safe with Chelski @0.33

Pineapple Lee
As I said at the top GlenMcPherson shares pick of the week 3.00 for West Ham away at Palace.
Gareth Hedges won small with Man City @0.33 and even smaller was Raymond Cini, but a wins a win. 15P for Rangers at home.

So there you have it. Well done to the winners and better luck next time to the losers. Its the first week of our ten week season much will happen before the end of it.
See you next week.


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