Picking madness - Week 8

OMG so many shocks a big picks this week. Chelsea are Prem champions and Bournemouth win Championship after Watford concede a 91st minute equaliser. Then mk dons win 5-1 and need in form Preston to lose and guess what....they do and Colchester win to stay up!! its Breathtaking and why we love football so much. Bring on the play offs.

In the leagues: Pele

a good week here with seven winners pick of the week and a move from 7th to top!
James Holland moves form 7th place to top with a good Colchester pick @5.00 . Pick of the week was from Paul Brickell with the west Bromich albion win at old [email protected] he goes from rock bottom to fourth. The other winners are Darryn cook with a good 1.30 for swansea Hodgie333for Burton @0.73 David Lloyd with Chelsea @0.36 Nick Lines with'The Steph' @0.91 and WART with Liverpool @0.33.
bring on the final two weeks

Five winners the best being Steph cook not with her namesake pick but wth swansea @1.30. At the top Malcolm Gibson won with Man City @1.00 and Sohail Virdi won with Brentford @0.50 Carl Slade also won with The Steph @0.91 Zach won with Real Sociedad @0.83

Tom Kerr extended his lead with a good win for Sunderland @3.50. The other winners were chris cann with [email protected] Nigel Howlett with Morton @0.36 and Trevor Gibbons with Mk Dons @0.18, Second automatic place is up for grabs.

Five wins here. Pete Cornwell with the best to put himself in awith a real chance of the title.He won with Blackburn at home @2.25.the next four places all won Andy Ewart with [email protected] Ayako Ono with [email protected] Patrizio with Fiorentina at home @0.53 and Ricarhd peter crouch Bibby with The [email protected] All to play for here.

Craig Lowe was the big winner here with Colchester and goes into [email protected] Matty roworth won near the bottom with The steph @0.91in third Richard Parker won with [email protected]
still all to play for.

Top three win. Dong Zheng leads with Villa at home @1.75. GEEGEE in second with Morton @0.36 Mono Guerillo with [email protected] and in fifth Didier Segovia with west hams Penalty win @1.15.

Pineapple Lee
Robert Kean is well ahead but in second is Glen McPherson with Colchester @5.00. DENNIS had a capital performance again and won with Wolves @0.53 but drops to 3rd.  Its all to play for that second place.

So most of the season is finished where will we go for pickfor the next two weeks? Who knows .....Tony thats who!! In Tony we trust.



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