Man City what a mess. My mate is a blue and he said he fully expects them to drop out of the top four altogether!!!! Got to take a good look at yourself though haven't you. That amount of talent and leaking points left right and centre. Chelsea squeezed past QPR to stay clear at the top. The Arse are right..... up their arse.
 Its more interesting at the bottom to be honest. Could be any three from six or seven. Leicester winning two on the trot to give themselves a real chance. Got to look at the run ins. Keep an eye out could go to the wire.

The Championship automatic places are up for grabs with any of the top four being able to take advantage. Hmmmm very interesting...... And bye bye Yeovil...sadly dropping down two seasons on the run.

In the leagues
A full house of pickers with only 3 being successful. The wins in the Pele moving players to 3rd 4th & 5th. Nick Lines had the best with Palace away @1.63. Hodgie333 won well with Burton away @1.40 and Dazza Cook won with Southampton at home @0.53. very close league anybodies.

The sleeping giant that is Tony Southworth goes top with Man Utd at home at 1.50 (very popular pick) Zach goes into 2nd with a slightly better pick of Palace away @1.63. Marters won with southampton (near northampton?) @0.53 and the other was Sohail Virdi with Middlesboro @0.44.

Another open league. Four winners in mid table. All modest wins. The best was Martin young with 0.57p for Arsenal away. Then 0.53p for Tom Kerr with Soton  and then 0.40p for Nigel Howlett with Bristol Rovesr then a ultra safe 6p for Chris Cann with real at home to eibar.

Three winners here but two fairly big ones. The best was our Italian friend patrizio he went for the Torino/Roma draw @2.20. belissimo. Then Ayako Ono (lovely old british name ) won well with Man Utd @1.50 then it was downto 44p for Matty Gibbons with middlesborough.

A tough fought league this year. Five wins here. four over 1.50 and one the pick of the week. That first, it went to Phil Hocknell with the Hammers/Potters draw @2.30. At the top Chris Blackley won well with Cardiff away @1.70 then Joe McGinley got the 1.63 for Palace and Lee Denson got the Man Utd 1.50. also winning was Richard Parker with 33p for tractor boys at home .

Dong Zheng must have thought 'pick of the week in the bag' he won well with Leicester away 'the steph' @2.25 but not this week matey!!! they stay top though. Mono Guerillo won with the Man Utd pick @1.50 and in third Richard Shepherd won with Southampton (not really near Northampton).

Two winners here. Rob Kean stays top despite not being one of the winners. He stays top of the overall league too.In second a capital pick for DENNIS GROVES with Bury away @1.50 and steve tester got this leagues Man Utd pick also at 1.50. bought them right back into contention.

So lots to play for. I have made it my seasons objective to beat my mates 11 yr old son in our fantasy football league. He was ahead of me by 15 points a while back but i've turned it round with a 40 point swing. I'm now 25 points in front of him. But I found out today he has 14 transfers left and I have none....bugger little shits gonna do me aint he. I'll be 48 next month !!....quite depressing really.....my lifes come to this.....just trying to beat an 11 yr old at fantasy football........how did I get to this........I've sung at the London paladium I'll have you know...............Bugger!!



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