International week - Week 3

So International break England look half decent against a second rate country then get a football
lesson in first half against Italy.Good times for Harry Kane though 79 seconds in first appearance then stifled tonight but still looked as much the part as many before him. I must admit I'm looking forward to the next world cup in Russia I've started sharpenng my knives already!!!

Its half term so I'm rushed off my preverbials so lets get to it.

Joint best score of the week for WART.he went for the Bristol Titty/Barnsley [email protected] and goes second. In third is Chrissy Blackers who won with Wycombe [email protected] Hodgie333 also won well with Shrewsbury away @1.25.

Only two wins here this week. Carl Slade goes to the top with Northampton @1.25 and Marters Cornwellius with Rochdale at home @0.73.

Four wins here Jimmy Smith stays top with the Argies away @0.11. Ross Jones goes second with a great Hartlepool at home @1.63,(Jeff Stelling will be pleased) Gareth Hedges won with Wycombe @1.10 and Chris Cann wonwith Englands win over Lithuania @0.13,,,very patriotic.

Jonathan Dunk flies to the top with joint best pick for wales away @3.00. Richard Peter crouch Bibby goes 2nd with agood 2.20 for Eire/Poland draw.Chris Hinch also won with Espana at [email protected] Andy Ewart was abandoned so gets nil.

Chris B stays top despite losing. All the four wins were from further down the league table. Lee Denson with Hartlepool @1.63 Daniel cook with Northern Ireland @1.60 Matty roworth with Bradford @1.05 and finally Richard oparker with England @0.13.

Again top two remain unchanged Ben Warman wins with Northampton @1.25 Didier Segovia wins with Chesterfield @1.00 PATRICIA puts in a capital performance with Shrews @1.25.

Pineapple Lee
Big win for Rob Kean Waes away @3.00 joint best in fact. Slighty smaller for other two wins Dennis Groves (grovesy) wins with Croatia @0.44 and Duncan gets all patriotic for 13p with Engerland.

Thats it so a win against Lithushitia and a draw against the azzuri bring on the Euros!!!
We gonna win it innit.



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