Was it a bird was it a plane? - Week 2

There are reports that a fleeting un identified red object made a rare appearance at Anfield today. It was so quick though that blink and you'd have missed it. Many of the stadium returning to their seats after the half time inerval were unaware anything had happened at all. They will be in for a big surprise when they tune in to Match of the Day tonight.
Unconfirmed reports state that a very repentant scouser did momentarily rampage onto the pitch posing as the once proud captain of England and Liverpool Steven Gerrard. However so quick was the moment that we could find no-one to actually uphold this story. The police however may be able to solve this mystery because a footprint was left behind. As soon as they get Ander Herrera to bring his leg to the station they will compare his leg with teh boots in the anfield dressing room.
38 seconds work in a week!! How much does he earn? Come on Stevie even White Dee did more work than that on benefit street.

In the leagues
A full house of pickers but only two wins. David Lloyd shoots to the top with a great Man Utd away win at a whopping 2.50 and pick of the week. Nick Lines is second with a spanish win for Atletico Madrid @0.33.

A full house here too but with 3 winners. Tony Southworth goes top with The Arse away @0.70
Sohail Virdi goes second with Spurs at home @0.57. Steph Cook also won with Man City at home @0.33.

Joint best pick of the week for Jimmy Smith also with Man Utd @ 2.5. Ross Jones is second with Sheff Utd at home @0.60. martib Young gets into contention with a good Cardiff win @1.25.

Ian Booth is still top despite losing, Matty Gibbons is second with Celtic @0.25. Ian Menzies goes third with Ross County at home @1.20. Ayako ono won with spurs @0.57.

Chris Blackley stays out in front with Burton [email protected] also scroing 1.30 with Evertn away was Craig Lowe. Richard Parker won with Man City @0.33.

GEEGEE stays in front with Hearts away @0.80. Dong Zheng is 2nd with Arsenal @0.70. Richard won with Chelski away @0.44

Pineapple Lee
Just one winner here Glen McPherson won well with AFC Bournemouth at a genorous 1.30.

Keep up the good work.


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