A new season dawns - Week 1

Man City oh dear oh dear come on you Man City fans let it out. Come on ....I know you thought you'd ovehaul chelsea but now you're fast becoming a joke. Speaking as a Leeds fan I have been there...in the words of Chaka Khan..... i feel for you. Seriously great take by George Boyd though well done Burnley.
But then Chelsea go and get a draw hardly taking advantage is it...but i think they have it now. The big question is will Man City even finish in top four on this form?????
Still tight at the top of the championship. And how shit were Spurs and Sunderland??????OMG

So in week one the best pick of the week goes to GEEGEE with the chelski draw @3.33

Nick Lines leads the way with Bolton @0.91 then in oder david Lloyd Man Utd @0.83 Daz Cook Everton @0.80 James Holland Borussia Munchengladbach @0.73 and Chrissy Blackers with burton @0.67

lots of winners here Robert paton leads with Bolton @0.91 then its Carl slade with Middlesborough @0.83 Malcolm Gibson @ [email protected] Zach with Juventus away @0.75 Tony Southworth [email protected] and Sohail Virdi bournemouth @0.20

Jimmy Smith is top this week with West Bromich Albion @1.38 Ross Jones with Bolton Trevor Gibbons Boro @0.83 Jim Cameron with Celtic @0.50

Ian Booth with good win for Barnsley @2.20 a long way ahead of Richard Peter Crouch Bibby with this leagues bolton win @0.91 (every league has one!!) Jon Dunk is third with Watford @0.73 and then Matthew Gibbons with arsenal @0.44

Chris Blackley started well with Villa away @2.40 Joe mcGinley is second with Palace @0.80 and Craig Lowe with Preston @0.40 (wot no Bolton)

Three wins here two huge ones GEEGEE with pick of week Chelsea/southampton draw @3.33 and Ding Dong Zheng with Villa away @2.40 a distant third is Richard with the Arse @0.44

Pineapple Lee
Four wins here Robert Kean leads the way with Killy at home @1.30 welcome back steve tester with a win for Ma Utd @0.83 Dennis Groves a win to start off with Watford @0.73 and alison Cameron with Celtic away @0.50.

So well done to all those winners unlucky to the losers better luck next time.


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