The Final Countdown!! - Season 35 - Week 10

This week the FA cup proved to be a wet blanket. 0-0 being the order of the day. Lets hope Man Utd and Arsenal have a better game tomorrow. Spurs and Harry Kane go marching on. In the Championship theres four teams at the summit stuck on 66 points with fifth place Norwich just a point behind should be some run in. MK Dons lost for third time in a row they seem to be stalling just when they need to be going on a run if they want that second automatic promotion place.

The winners are: (drum roll followed by cymbal crash)

Overall League winner : Gareth Hedges  (confetti cannon goes off and loud bong)

Pele League winner: James Holland  (more confetti and now streamers)

Runner up: Nick Lines

Relegated from Pele: Zach – Trevor Gibbons – Jim McLean – Nigel Howlett (a loud fart noise)

Maradona League winner: Malcolm ( even more confetti and streamers plus balloons)

Runner Up: WART

Relegated: Chris Hinch – Andy Ewart – Lee Denson – Chris Blackley (Two loud fart noises)

Dalglish League winner: Chrissy Blackers (confetti-streamers balloons and a a large breasted stripper in a small bikini jumping up and down)

A huge win actually pick of the week to jump from 4th to second for
Runner up: David Lloyd

Relegated : PATRICIA – Dong Zheng – Duncan – Paul Shakespeare

Shearer League winner:  Martyn Cornwell (confetti streamers balloons the stripper is now topless and a huge man throws a midget through a flaming hoop)

a great pick for a move from 5th to 2nd to take promotion for
Runner up: Robert Paton

Relegated : Ian Menzies

Lineker League winner:  ME - Alan Blackley (confetti now up to my ankles streamers balloons the stripper is naked and making out with the midget the huge man is mooning whilst hula hooping with the flaming hoop and theres a beautiful thai lady in the corner with her mum)

Runner up : Malcolm Gibson

Relegated one from a few.

Gascoigne League winner: Gareth Hedges (so much confetti it would sink a battleship, streamers up to your knees, balloons "fucking" everywere, the stripper and the midget are now shagging, the huge man is now totally naked and the flaming hoop has set his balls on fire, the thai lady is really a boy and her mum has just took out a bag full of ping pong balls!!)

Runner up: Jimmy Smith

Relegated : again one from many

Pineapple Lee Winner: Tom Kerr (confetti up to your chest, streamers up to your waist and balloons filling half the room the stripper is on top of the midget reverse cowgirl the huge man has joined in, a "menage a trois" The lady boy is stripped to her underwear and his mum has just took her knickers off and sat on the table ping pong balls in hand)

Runner up: David Rosser

Relegated : fuck knows

Ali Dia League winner: Brian Kiff

Runners up – Richard – Richard Parker – AN OTHER

( sorry no confetti,streamers.balloons or strippers or midgets, or huge men, or lady boys or ping pong ball shooting mothers vaginas...................... that would just be stupid!!)

See ya all next season.


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