Season 5 - Week 5


Boy oh boy, is there any stopping the juggernaut that is Paul Kinsella, having suffered his first defeat last week there are some that would have gone into their shell, but not Paul, somehow picking the Italy France draw he now holds a commanding £2.47 lead at the top.  As commendable as the performances of David Rosser (£5.23) and Paul Hickey (£4.81) are, it may well be that they need to start taking some chances to win the overall league....

At the other end all the big losers managed to win, so there are no people without a win.  Tony Southworth still props up the league though and has gone off to Italy in a sulk.

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £369 each
Result: 5/10

The Brazilian government are now using the ever-spinning grave-ridden Pele to power the entire city of Rio de Janeiro.  This league is an embarassment to all and sundry, with 7 out of 10 in negative figures it is up to Nick Kelly (£3.42) to save the league from total humiliation.  Gibbons' attempt to put pressure on failed, as the Bosnians and Herzogovians combined could not defeat Hungary.  Nick Lines continues his softly softly approach and cannot be discounted yet.

At the bottom Tony Southworth and Paul Drury managed to pick their first winners (the latter with considerably more aplomb) to close up the bottom of the league.  David Lloyd and Jimmy Smith were both undone by home teams, and now sit perilously close to the relegation zone.  Matt Haywood drops into the relegation zone (again let down by a home pick).

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £185 each
Result: 5/10

Richard Ingham's sensational pick of Bristol Rovers (4.33 yowser) away at Luton has closed the gap on David Rosser who was let down by one of the home nations.  Ben Gould's safe Scotland pick (can a Scotland pick ever be safe?) keeps the pressure up in a competitive league.

Finch, Noyce and Wrigley managed to pick three winners at a combined gain of 33p, but anyone can pick short odds like that..... except of course Gurd who took the obvious bet against Malta and came unstuck when his Turkey choked!

Dunk is is sitting just below Holland and just above Cornwall, which is why he failed Geography at school.  While we are all used to stories of Holland sinking, the fact that Cornwall is going down as well should seriously concern us all.

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £13996 each
Result: 5/10

Top six separated my a mere £1.30, this is a seriously tight league.  I'm loving the fact that Gibbons Sr and Shakespeare managed to find equi-priced winners in the diverse footballing arenas that are Peterborough and Belarus.  Sohail Virdi survived only one week at the top, let down by the surprising Ukranians.  Gary Lewis was another who managed to spot Luton's weakness at home and has propelled himself into second.  You beauty.

Ross Jones' pre-eminence over the other Jones's may come to an end if he continues to rely upon Doncaster.  Although the poor form of the bottom two means that the likelihood of Rodgers dodging relegations is as slim as Simms'.  Pilkington continues to drop like a stone though and there remains hope.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £162 each
Result: 6/10

Tim Hughes' long winning streak came to an end, undone by the Spaniards inability to beat Iceland (who apparently had Bjork playing up front).  His failure has allowed Andrew Wickett "France Italy draw" and Martin Malone (Holland - the country, not the Maradona League player) to overtake him.  This league remains sensationally competitive and Tim's £2.51, which is only good enough for 4th in this league, would be good enough for a promotion place in any other league.  Paul Hickey has either decided that he has enough points in the bag and gone safe (Czech Republic 1.02) or forgot to pick... let's credit him with a safety first strategy.

Andrew Jones and Craig Lowe both picked low priced winners (no mean feat in this week of shocks) to pile the pressure on Jamie Jones and Ian Booth who are marooned £2+ clear at the bottom.  At least Jamie Jones picked a winner, something which eluded him for the first 4 weeks.

The Jason 'Pineapple' Lee League

Potential winnings: £334 each
Result: 6/8

Paul "The King" Kinsella is rampaging through this league, he has picked 5 "so called" longshots and hit 4 of them!  Credit to Matt Bailey for taking second and picking the Sweden Denmark draw (which scuppered both Lloyd and Dunk), but he remains nearly £6 away from  "The King".  Fields and Farnworth remain in the hunt for second with solid winners.

Julia Ingham manages to pull herself away from the relegation zone with a good home win, leaving Ben "What happened I was good for a while" Drury, Tim "I'm in the relegation zone on £-.81 - how?" Cutler and Daniel "I hope there isn't a 6th division next season" Lewis separated by a mere 39p

Roll on next week chaps, this week was tough for pickers.



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