Season 35 - Week 9

Alright everyone.

Chelsea take the first cup of the season. Such high hopes for Spurs in my family as well, oh well.
Man City what is happening there? A resurgent Liverpool wipe them aside with two quality goals.
Its looking close at the bottom too with up to 8 teams involved potentially. Villa look a lost cause even with new manager syndrome they couldn't get a win. In the Championshp a surprise defeat for Derby and Leeds let a two goal lead go to lose to Watford. Could Bournemouth becoming up to the Prem??

Week 9 in the leagues

Malcolm in the maradona got pick of the week with the Bournemouth Blackburn draw @2.75.
But loads went for Liverpool @2.00 as you'll see.

A new leader in Nick lines at the top he won well with Rotherham at home @1.20. James Holland won in second with the Arse @0.57. Dazza Cook won with [email protected] and Zach was teh pele's pick for [email protected]

Malcolm goes top with pick of the week. WART completes an impressive climb to second with Liverpool @2.00. Chris Hinch won with Arsenal @0.57 Steph Cook is third with Nickers off ready when I come home @0.83. Tony Southworth also won with Stoke @0.91 Chris Blackley's game was postponed.

Four winners here. Jim cameron closed the gap on the top with [email protected] Chris Cann went ultra safe with Bayern @0.08. Dong Zheng gave himself a lsim chance of staying up with Swans away @1.75 and Ross Jones won 1.20 with Rotherham .

Four winners here too. Pete cornwell won 2.00 with Forest away Ayako Ono was the Liverpool picker heer @2.00. Jonathan Dunk went a bit better with WBA at home @2.40 Matty Gibbo also won for Luton @0.80. Very close for second with one week left.

A win for me....yes.....Swans away @1.75 keeps me out in front and only 10p behind the wife in overall!! Malcolm Gibson is second and won with Arse @0.57 a good win for Phil Hocknell with Port Vale away @1.88. Can I hang on????

Gareth Lost again!! but lets face it he can afford too. Only one win that was ddier segovia in second with [email protected],95

Pineapple Lee
Wins for the top three Tom Kerr at the top got the Liverpool gig @2.00 David Rosser in 2nd won with Watford away @1.40(boo) andin third JamesDelahunt won with Bristol titty @0.70. the old ones are the best.

Ali Dia
Richard won well with WBA @2.40and Richard Parker...ahgn on a minute.....he won with Man [email protected]

Last week of the season and a lot to play for so pick well keep them crossed and rejoice when it works.
Cheers Al


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