Season 35 - Week 8

Ashley Barnes you naughty boy. Pushed to the floor?? you were lucky Matic didn't shoot you. Blimey did you see it. Man City were great but weren't Newcastle shite! OMG. In the Championship the mighty Leeds won again!! There's even talk of a push for the play offs!!woohoo.
I just wish i'd had more faith and gone for the win instead of the draw...what a wuss.

James Holland won well to go into second place with the welsh Barcas win over Utd @3.00. Nick Lines in third was the only other winner with [email protected] Brickell still leads

Pick of the week here for cos you can Malcolm with the Blackburn/Blackpool draw @3.20. Carl slade goes top after a win with the Arse away @0.80. two other good wins for WART who went for Liverpool @1.88 and Chris Hinch who got the Sunderland WBA draw @2.20

All lost nuff said.

Just one winner my ole mate Mart with a french fancy of Sm Caen winning at home @1.10 Patrizio went into second place after his game was called off in scottishland.Nice if you can do it.

Two winners only. Malcolm Gibson jumps over me to the top with Liverpool [email protected] and Matthew Roworth is third with Arse away @0.80

Just two wins here too in mid table. They were GEEGEE with a scottishland pick of Greenock Morton [email protected] and Didier segovia's Hull win @1.05.

Pineapple Lee
Tom Kerr was the only winner and took the chance to extend his lead with Arsenal @0.80.

Ali Dia
Three pickers Brian Kiff won with The Arse @0.80. and Richard Parker won with Derby @0.67.

Not a classic week people, not easy this predicting art.



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