Bradford do it again - Week 7


Bradford do it again. Eh Up for the FA Cup. A favourable draw in teh quarters so who knows.
Leeds won again and that's 5 out of 6 a run me thinks. Come on. Now its half term so time to myself is limited to a quick shit and a few minutes late at night before i collapse.

So heres a quick summary.
Top pick was Bradford but only at 4.00 this time instead of 21 last. Does that mean they are better or just that Sunderland are a bit shit???Two people went for it Pete Cornwell and Malcolm Gibson.

Both remaining 100% records were smashed. Unlucky.

Winning picks were :
Hodgie333 @1.3 – Jim McLean @2.00 – Nick Lines @0.05- Trevor Gibbons @0.33

Andy Ewart @1.00 – Carl Slade @1.00 – Chris Hinch @1.30 – Steph Cook @0.40

Chris Cann @0.05 – Martin Young @1.00

Ian Menzies @2.00 – Martyn Cornwell @0.40 – Patrizio @2.60 – Pete Cornwell @3.00 – richard peter crouch Bibby @1.00

Malcolm Gibson @3.00

GEEGEE @0.20 – Jimmy Smith @1.00 – Tony Griffiths nil

Pineapple Lee
David Rosser @1.75 – Steve Tester @0.40

Ali Dia
Brian Kiff @0.91

Well done all. More time next week so normal service will be resumed.



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