Kane for England!! - Week 6

Kane for England!! What a great weekend harry Kane had. Two goals to win the north London derby what a day.
Man City were so lucky not to get beaten by Hull Tigers... City! What is going on with Man city ok Yaya Toure is a good player... but they have too many world class players to rely on just one player.
What is going on..

In the leagues

Five winners and one postponed. Darryn Cook goes up to second with a small USA [email protected] Zach got the biggest win of the league with Shalke at home @1.50. Trevor Gibbons won with Derbys demolition of Bolton @0.53, Nigel Howlett won with [email protected] Nick Lines was successful with Aberdeen @0.36. Jim McLean went north of the border but it was called off so he's as was. Pul Brickell stays at the top ...for now.

At the bottom Lee Denson came up with joint best pick of the week new manager syndrome for Forest @2.1. At the top Steph cook went for Norwich and was rewarded @0.33 to stay top. Sohail Virdi kept their 100% record going with Bayern @0.22. Andy Ewart won with Swindon at home @0.67. Malcolm also won 0.29 for Villareal. Tony Southworth (who he?) was a winner as Preston won @0.67. All to play for in this league one big win and you could take it.

My missus Chrissy Blackers shared joint pick of the week with Forest @2.1 and sets off to run down Mr Hedges in overall league (bit of a way to go yet love!) Any other season a score of 5.68 and you'd think you'd be leading but not this one Jim cameron finds himself in second place after another nice win of 1.25 for IVC away. PATRICIA also won well getting 1.00 for Watfords win. Martin Young won 0.36 with Middelsboroughs victory and finally Chris Cann won with [email protected] Top two have this sewn up barring a disaster.

Ayako Ono keeps the 100% record going with Napoli at home @0.36. Ian Booth won well with Simon Graysons Preston @0.67. At the bottom Pete Cornwell won 2.00 for the Atletico Madrid win over Real. 4-0 don't you know. Robert Paton won with Hearts @0.44and Patrizio had a postponed game! Martyn Cornwell still leads despite losing this week.

Just two winners here, thankfully one was me!! I won with a safe Celtic win @0.44 The other winner was Matty Roworth who picked Bournemouth away. Could be close in remaining 4 weeks.

Gareth Hedges leads by a way but lost this week. Mono Guerillo is second with Bournemouth @1.00. Jimmy Smith won with USA @0.60 Didier Segovia won 1.00 for the Deportivo home win.
GEEGEE also won with Hearts away @0.44. second place is up for grabs here.

Pineapple Lee
David Rosser shares the best pick for Forest @2.1 to give him a chance. At the top Robert Kean won with Hearts @0.44 Tom Kerr won with Deportivo @1.00 James Delahunt won with Preston @0.67. Stve Tester won with USA @0.60. One to watch here me thinks.

Ali Dia
two pickers two winners
Brian Kiff won with [email protected] and Richard Parker won with Norwich @0.33. This is a huge league and they are the only ones picking its a shame but stick with us guys and i'm sure promotion will see you in a more competitive league for next season.

Just a mention for someone else in the holdsworth league. Dennis Groves. He would have had pick of the week with walsall away @2.40. Keep the faith Dennis and again next season you'll be in full play we need good pickers like you to make the game continue to be interesting and competitive.

Cheers guys keep it up.


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