He must be from Bradford cos he backed city
to make the prem leaders look shitty
he scored a historic twenty
and he deserves praise a plenty.
But was it great predicting
or just a misplaced pin?
We'll never know if luck was at all in the frame
but he definitely has top place for best scoring pick
in the weekend predictor hall of fame.

OMG OMFG what a weekend. Not just a great performance for my home town club Cambridge United on Friday, making man Utd look ordinary. Then there was Middesborough beating Man City  away. Then Blackburn beatign Swansea early doors. Palace turn the prem table upside down agaisnt southampton and then .. and i shit you not i had to rub my eyes Bradford City, 6th in league one. Beat Chelski the millionaires from west London, the playboys of the premier league ...4-2. Not a battling 1-0 nil lucky win. They deserved it. Really deserved it Jon stead was awesome. Then later on Liverpool get held by Bolton. How the fuck are you expected to predict anything in that lot ....unless your name is Gareth Hedges.

Actually 6 winners out of ten. The best was James Holland who picked out Brentford away at the [email protected] he moves from second bottom to second top joint.At the top remains Dickson pato who won with Valencia at home @1.10. Darryn cook won well with PSG away @1.10 Nigel Howlett picked out ICT in scottishland @1,50 and Paul Brickell went for the 'ammers @1.00 and shares second place, Nick Lines went for Celtic @0.29

Just three wins here. All small ones.Sohail Virdi takes top spot and keeps their 100% record intact with Atletico madrid @0.22. Andy Ewart won with Watford s magnificent seven @0.44and Carl slade with Derby @0.53,

Chrissy Blackers keeps her 100% record and top spot with Hammers @1.00. David Lloyd says second with Villa who actually scored twice!!! @1.25. +Jim Cameron was the other winner here with Dundee away at st mirren @1,.50 .

five winners here. Ayako Ono keeps their 100% record too with a Juventus pick @0.14 they now lead Matthew Gibbons is joint second with a good pick of MK Dons @0.62.Robert Paton shares 2nd with a Hibs pick @1.30. Patrizio would normally think they had a chance of pick of the week with the Fiorentina roma draw @2.25 but not this week. Ian Menzies was the other winner with Lazio at home @1.00.

I managed to win again with Arsenal @0.53 to stay top. Daniel Cook, son of steph, chose 'the steph' and it paid off big time 4.00 for the Leicester win to go second. Matty roworth scored well with Brentford @3.00 Phil Hocknell went for West Ham @1.00

Well here it is the biggest ever winning odds pick in the history of our great game. 21 points for Bradford City away at Chelsea. Gareth Hedges goes top of everything with that pick. I was particularly gutted as its the best season the wife and I have had for ages and we were 1 and 2 in overall league looking to battle it out for the title now we are just spectators of Gareth as he wins it all. Anyway i'll just push those sour grapes to one side for a moment!!
gareth leads the way now.Jimmy smith is 2nd after his Arsenal win @0.53 Tony Grffiths won well with Leicester away @4.00 Didier Segovia won after WBA win @0.91

Pineapple Lee
 Tom Kerr goes top after his west ham win @1.00 James Delahunt drops to second with a Fleetwood win @0.67 Alison Cameron won well with ICT @1,50 Robert Kean won with Dundee United @0.50

Ali Dia
Richard goes top after aWBA win @0.91 Richard Parker (the same person????we will never know) also won but with Watford @0.44.

Well after these results i need to lie down in a darkened room.Cambridge still in the draw tomorrow. Bring on the Gunners!! That is after they get rid of Man Utd!!

Cheers Al


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