Man City who are they? - Week 3

Chelsea go five mad and five clear. At the bottom it loks like curtains for Leicester and QPR are struggling again. But Palace move up to 12th place!! Maybe Pardew isn't a bad manager after all eh. In Championship Bournemouth are still doing it and Ipswich seem to be the form team moving up to 2nd. Even Leeds moved up a place to fifth from bottom!!!!!
In League one Swindon and Bristol City are fighting it out but MK Dons have two games in hand on the top. Yeovil gave themselves a chance with a rare win at home. Wycombe are still turning recnt years on their head to lead league two. Cambridge Utd warmed up for Man Utd in the FA cup with a 4-0 nil win at home........ You never know.

In the leagues

Full house of picks and 6 wins and a postponed.Dickson Pato goes to the top with a good pick of Espanyol at home @1.38. Hodgie333 is second with Bristol city away @1.00. Nick Lines won well with a popular Ipswich away pick @1.25. Darryn Cook won with Liverpool away @0.83. Trevor Gibbons won with Bournemouth @0.80  andNigel Howlett had a postponed game, thats the trouble with picking in scottyland during the winter. But the best for last with Paul Brickell with the Palace escape win @2.20.

Nine picks four wins 1 x 100% record intact. The best win was for Malcolm who had joint best of the week @2.25 with the Wigan Blackburn draw.He goes third. WART won with Palace away @2.20
Carl Slade won with Ipswich @1.25 and the 100% record is held up by Sohail Virdi with real Madrid @0.20. safety first.

Just wins for the top two here. My missus Chrissy Blackers stays top of league and overall league with the Ipswich pick @1.25 and in second David Lloyd won with man utd away @0.57. there were three postponed or abondoned games Duncan, Jim Cameron & Martin young.

Full house of picks. One postponed. Martyn Cornwell goes top with the Ipswich pick @1.25. Ayako Ono is second after the Dover 6-0 win @0.62.Ian Booth won with Swindon @0.91 Matty Gibbons won 0.62 with Middlesborough win. Robert Paton won with Man Utd away @0.57 but best till last again Richard peter Crouch Bibby got joint pick of the week with Bolton away @2.25.

Five winners here all with over 1.00. some bloke called Alan Blackley won with Port Vale at home to hapless posh @1.38 and leads the way. Phil Hocknell is second with his walsall win @1.63 Malcolm Gibson won well with palace away @2.20. Joe McGinley went for teh Ipswich pick @1.25 nad Matthew roworth got Southampton @1.10. a very competitive league.

Just one win here that was Jimmy Smith with Liverpool away @0.83 and he goes top. GEEGEE had an abondoned rangers game.

Three wins two postponed. Joint best pick for david rosser who went for the Leeds Birmingham draw @2.25. James Delahunt went for Ipswich @1.25 and goes top in 2nd Tom Kerr went with Notts County at home @0.91.

Ali Dia
Just twopickkers and a 100% win rate.Brian Kiff won with Stoke away @1.63 and Richy Parker with Wolves 2-0 win over Blackpool @0.50.

So there you go just four 100% records left. One of those due to a called off game! It is increasingly hard to pick a winner but we must prevail and try our best. I trust you will all continue to pick and  help grow our great little game . This week we had 63 pickers. A good amount but when you look at how many names are listed in total in all leagues its nowhere near that. So lets try and promote our site and get that weekly pickers number up towards 100.

Keep the faith people.


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