Season 35 - Week 2

Where does the time go? Week 2 already. So what happened in this unpredictable world of the predictor? Man United lost to Southampton. Spurs lost to palace! WBA won! Burnley win to get out of bottom three. Villa OMG how shit are they?? they make Leeds look good.!! and at the mo we're shite.

To the leagues

Jim McLean goes to the top even though his pick was postponed. Nil was a good score this week.!!
Dickson Pato & Zach are the only winners with two picks of 1.25 each for Eibar & Birmingham. They share second.

Only two wins here too. At the top Steph Cook won again with Liverpool @0.83 and Sohail Virdi with Chelski @0.17. They are one and two.

Five wins and a called off!! Chrissy Blackers (my missus) goes miles ahead at the top with another good win (great pin pick!) of Burnley @1.20. David Lloyd moves up to second with a great pick of  Palace @2.50. PATRICIA also won well with Wolves away @2.25.Ross Jones won with Brentford @0.83 to go third. Chris Cann went safe with Chelski @0.17 and Martin Young had game called off.

Five winners here too. The best was Jonathan Dunk who goes top after a win with Sheff Weds away @2.00. Ian Booth won well with the other Sheff [email protected] Marters won with Burnely @1.20
His bruv lost (lol) Patrizio won with Sampdoria @0.67 and Ayako Ono won with chelsea @0.17.

Only two wins here but they include best pick of the week. This week only we have decided that best pick of the week will get £1000!! I know its pushing the boat out but you only live once. So who had pick of the week and receives the money lets see....... Its ME.....YEESSSSSSSS GET IN......
Only joking... no I mean about the money.. I did get pick of the week with Colchester away at Hapless posh @2.75. I go top. The other winner was Craig Lowe who went with Burnley @1.20.

Ben Warman was the biggest winner here with Burnley @1.20. Jimmy smith won with Liverpool @0.83 Mono Guerillo stays top with chelski @0.17.

Pineapple Lee
Tom Kerr goes top with the Burnley pick @1.20. Robert Kean won with Aberdeen away @0.53. Alison Cameron had her game postponed.

Ali dia
Brian Kiff was the only winner with the popular pick of Burnley to beat QPR @1.20 and he goes top.

So thats it for this week i get pick of the week but my missus is still laughing at me cos she leads the overall lead. Loks like i'll have to continue with the ground up glass in her meals !!!!!!!! mwahhaaa.


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