Season 34 - Week 10

OMG. Apologies first to all. Been hit for six over last two weeks been soooooo ill. So lack of analysis been unavoidable. I missed christmas for fucks sake!!Literally. Missed it. Ill for second time from 23rd Dec til today really. Anyway I don't want your sympathy you buggers cos i know i ain't gonna get it.

So The winners and losers roster for this season:

Overall league winner was a well deserved debut win for Jim Cameron.

The pele league winner was decided with a last gasp win this week for...... Hodgie333!!!
runner up was Jim McLean

Relegated from pele was Paul Shakespeare ,david lloyd, Andy ewart and Tony southworth.
Trevor Gibbons saved himself with a great win.

winner was : Zach
Runner up : Nick Lines

Relegated Ian Menzies, Pete cornwell Dan Cook Craig Lowe.
Lee Denson again saved himself with a last gasp winner.

Winner Dickson pato
R/u. James Holland

Relegated : Didier Segovia, Robert Keane, Mono Guerillo, Tom Kerr

Winner Chris Hinch
r/u Sohail Virdi

Winner Malcolm
r/u Carl slade

Winner: Chris Cann
R/U: PATRICIA with pick of the week the celtic ross county draw at nett 6.00

Winner: Jim Cameron
R/U: Dong Zheng

very good quality top four here scores that would have won other leagues.

Ali dia
winner Richard Peter Crouch bibby
So Christmas was shit or the shits to be more precise. So happy new year to you all.




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