Christmas starts - Week 6

Well its official. Today Christmas starts!! Ho ho ho. And all that.

In the prem Chelsea were stopped from scoring by lowly Sunderland -good point for Gus.
Spurs held another comeback win...and ...don't faint....Soldado scored....OMG hold the press.....Yes  multi million pound supposed striker Soldado actually hit the net in a league game!!!
Man City get on the heels of Chelsea with somethig of a revival. In the Championship just look at where Brentford are.... third a point off top. Way to go you bees. Long way to go yet though eh.
Was a good weekend even Leeds won ... blimey......

In the leagues

Four winners only. Hodgie333 won again at the top with Preston away @0.91 but Nigel Howlett is now hot on his heels after a good Queens Park away win @1.15. The other winners make up the top four darryn Cook last seasons champ is starting to move with The Arse away @0.80 and Tony Southworth won with Real Madrid's 16th consecutive win away @0.30.
keep it up guys.


Just two winners in this league. Zach stays top with Liverpool @0.62 and Nick Lines is second with MK Dons demolition of Colchester @0.57.


Just two winners here too. Dickson Pato heads the table with Schalke at home @0.73. Duncan had best win with Palermo @0.91 he climbs to fourth.


Five winners in the Shearer, top score was shared by Martyn Cornwell & Ayako Ono mart went with QPR at home @1.25 and Ono went for Spurs at home @1.25. Top spot is Sohail Virdi who played fairly safe wirh Real @0.30. Chris Hinch is second with Rangers @0.83 and Robert Paton is third with Liverpool @ 0.62.


50% win rate best pick of the week its all going on here. Can you get top pick of the week?'cos you can Malcolm (nice topical reference for our younger players!!) he picked out the Boro Rovers draw @2.40. Joe McGinley won well with QPR at 1.25 but neither are top that belongs to Malcolm Gibson (unless he and Malcolm are one and the same???) he won with Man Utd @0.29.


Just two winners here Who can win it? Chris Cann can can't he? He went for wonderful Brentford @1.20. The only other win was for Jimmy Smith with Man [email protected]

Pineapple Lee

Well well well.....first season in and she's smashing it! Alison Cameron wins again this time with Falkirk @0.62, it means she leads the league and the overall. Keep it up girl. In second place is Hubby? Brother? Coincidental bloke with same surname? Jim Cameron he also won with Celtic away @0.53. But they have to look over their shoulder for Glen McPherson who won well with the BurnleyVilla draw @2.25.

Ali Dia

no pickers?

Cheers al.


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