Well it was Analysis Cup final week. I thought it would be a fight between the underdog and the form player, they both picked well....... but......... both lost. So we revert, as the rules state, to the totals of the previous season therefore the first Analysis Cup Winner is (by default) Chris Blackley.

Bit of a damp squib really,Chris was lucky to get the win. I told my son this...... as he danced around the front room singing championees.. he said I know.!!

International week bought a shite load of crap results, even the Faroes got a win. The pele league, the supposed cream of the crop of this game, didn't get a win between them!!

The Maradona league had one winner, thats one winner in the top twenty pickers...come on!!!!.....That winner was Steph Cook with Czech Republic @0.73.

The Dalglish league got three wins. Duncan with Scotland @1.25 Dickson Pato with Paraguay @1.10 and Ross Jones with Barnsley @1.10. That takes ross clear at the top.

A few more winners in the lower leagues.
The shearer had four winners. Jonathan Dunk with the scots win (great goal) @1.25 Ayako Ono with Paraguay @1.10 Chris Hinch with Hearts @0.67 and Sohail Virdi with England @0.29 . Virdi leads the way

Two winners in the Lineker league Malcolm with 2nd best pick of the week Notts County away @1.88. Malcolm Gibson wins with Barnsley @1.10. I still lead!! woohoo.

Gazza league had four wins Tony Griffiths with Notts county @1.88 Jimmy Smith with scotland @1.25 GEEGEE with hearts @0.67 and Gareth Hedges who pushed das boot out with a german win at 1p. A win is a win.

Pineapple Lee - pick of the week here. Alison Cameron with a great 3-3 Brechin v Forfar draw @2.50. Jim Cameron also kept up the pressure with Scotland @1.25. Glen McPherson won with Czechs @0.73.

Ali Dia - Richard peter Crouch Bibby ges well clear after the Scotland win @1.25.

So all in all it was a bad week. A crap cup final decided on penalties. The top league had no wins.
So for next week lets knuckle down study the form guide or just throw out your pin and get another one.

Cheers Al.


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