The Saints are still marching on - Week 7

What a great start for Southampton, it just keeps going week after week. Villa and Swansea have stalled lately but Soton just keep banging the in. And what a great goal to knock the Arse out of the cup in the week Boom pick that out.
Burnley poor Burnley, they just can't score, only one all season doesn't look good as they go bottom this week.
Norwich look good at the top of the Championship Bristol City lead Posh in league one and Burton still top league two.

In the leagues this week.


Full house of picks. The best was at the bottom where Steph Cook picked the Sunderland/swansea [email protected] At the top her other half Darryn Cook tops the lot with another winner. Safety with Soton @0.44. Trevor Gibbons goes into 2nd with Wycombe @1.00 Andy ewart stays third with Norwich's comeback wi[email protected] David Lloyd also won with Man City @0.57.


Another full house of picks. Just two winners though in a bad week for success. Ian Menzies went with [email protected] and Nick Lines went for Norwich @0.67.
That takes Ian Menzies within 10p of second place. Hodgie333 lost the last 100% record this week Bury letting him down badly.


Nine pickers here. Dickson Pato goes second with Marseille at home @1.00. at the bottom the only other winner is James Delahunt with Ipswich @0.80.


Pick of the week here. Robert Paton got the derby day draw on merseyside @2.40. Chris Hinch got great value with Real Madrid away @0.62 to go second.

At the bottom Matty Gibbons was the only other winner with Ipswich @0.80.


Only one winner here. Lee Denson who went ultra safe with Barca at home @0.10. Nuff said.


Two winners here, top two. Robert Kean picked up 1.25 for Killie at home and James Holland jumped on the Ipswich wagon @0.80.

Pineapple Lee

One winner Martin Young with Real madrid @0.62 extends his lead.

Ali Dia

Nothing doing.

So three weeks left big scores to be won get those pins out guys and pick away.



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