Underdog Sunday - Week 6

So how is a bloke supposed to pick out any kind of accumulator. Man United fall apart at Leicester (where is Steph Cook when you need her) Bottom of the table WBA beat Spurs away one nil. Palace who replaced WBA at the bottom for a few hours then win away at Everton 3-2. Come on for gods sake. Ok the Man City/ Chelski game was probably always going to be a draw but play fair. Celtic get held by Motherwell for gawds sake. What chance have you got????????????????

Coming back to Leicester for a moment....speaking as a Leeds fan, who won 3-0 saturday (and who's mini revival is great... long may it continue), I haven't laughed so hard as Jamie Vardy slipped in the fourth goal to take the lead since my grandma caught her tit in the mangle.................. (copyright @Daley Thompson)

So how did this topsy turvy weekend affect the leagues:


Darryn Cook swept to the top of the league with the best pick of the league @2.25 for Man city Chelski draw. Trevor Gibbons was next best with Leeds at home @1.10. Tony Southworth won with Wolves at home @0.80 and finally Nigel Howlett won hearts with his pick @0.30. Andy Ewart drops a place to second.


Just two winners in this league Hodgie333 goes top of this league and the overall league with this weeks results. He went for the obvious draw @2.25. and leads the overall by 7p. The other winner was Pete Cornwell with Blackburn away @1.75 he moves to fourth. (above his brother!!!)


Only two winners here too. But what winners. Paul Brickell moves from joint bottom to second with his 2nd best pick of the week WBA to beat Spurs @6.00

Ross Jones goes third with a good pick of sheff weds at home @1.38. Jim McLean stays top but should be looking over his shoulder now.


Three winners here Chris Blackley pulls away at the top with Leeds at home @1.10 (2nd in overall by 7p) Jon Dunk goes up to 3rd with [email protected] and all hail Sohail Virdi who gets in positive scoring with the Burnley (only one goal so far this season)and Sunderland draw @2.40.


Only one winner Daniel Cook who extends his lead with Wolves @0.80. The rest as was.


We have best pick of the week here. Tony Griffiths has that honour with Crystal Palace away at [email protected] It takes him 3rd. Robert Kean goes top after his win with Dundee United away at Dundee @1.25. The other winner was Gareth Hedges who goes fourth with Luton away at Cambridge @1.75

Pineapple Lee

No Winners No change

Ali Dia

No winners No Change

Another mention for Goganik in the Holdsworth cos he would have been kicking ass with his last two winners with a total of £11.25. But unfortunately he's not in full player mode yet.

Keep it up guys there can't be so many coupon busting results next week.


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