Manchester Nil - Week 3

Hello everybody peeps. How you doing? We're back...... hoorah!

So what happened in the Prem this week? Well Man City were shit weren't they? and as for the Red side of Manchester what can you say????I'm sure Mr Van Gaal is at a loss to what the fu&k he has done taking this job!!!!!!! They are woeful......(ha ha ha ha ) Chelski look the business as do Swansea. The three teams who came up did well, two draws and a QPR win!! In the Championship even Leeds won.!! Forest are pulling up trees at the top. Peterborough are looking good in league one and giant killers Burton are topping league two.

In our leagues.


Ten pickers 50% win rate. The lead changes with the top four losing this week . Didier segovia took advantage by going top with a pick of Villa at home to Hull @1.10. Andy Ewart is now second with best pick of the league the Fulham cardiff draw @2.20. third is David lloyd who got 1.50 for Liverpool away. Steph Cook did herself some good with QPR at 1.38.


Nine pickers and four winners. The best was Martyn cornwell with the Brighton Charlton [email protected] Hodgie333 stays at the top another good win watford @0.67. Nick lines got the same score for Millwall at home and Ian Menzies went sporran side for Hamilton Accies @0.91.


Nine pickers nine losers. Nuff said.


Zach stays top here and goes top of the overall league with this win. Napoli away @1.00. Chris Hinch is pushing him all the way with a brilliant pick of the week Burnley Man Utd draw @2.60. Ayako Ono scored with ACMilan @0.91. Matthew Gibbons with the welsh barca @0.80.


Just two winners here with the same score. They share the lead with -0.50. they were Daniel Cook who went with Forest away @1.50 and Lee Denson with Liverpool @ 1.50.


GEEGEE shored up their lead here with Dundee Utd away @1.00. PATRICIA (what is it with the capitals around here) won well with Wolves at home @1.00.
The other winner here was Owen williams who went for the welsh barca @0.80.

Pineapple Lee

Just one winner here David Rosser with Watford @0.67. That moves him up into contention. Martin Young stays top.

Ali Dia

Still no wins!! keep going it will happen soon.

So on to next week pin in hand. Its International week so i'm going for Inverurie Loco works in the Press & Journal Highland Football League. Come on you Locos..... Choo choo!!!!!!


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