Bit of Anal ysis - Season 33 - Week 2

Sorry guys been really busy last two weeks but normal service will be resumed shortly.
So just some name checks for the first two weeks.
In week one i'm giving a shout out to anyone who scored over 1 nett.
so.Trevor Gibbons  Reading 1.20
Hodgie333 Spurs away at 1.10
Dickson pato Norwich @ 1.20
Jim McLean Berwick away @3.00
Zach WBA Sunderland [email protected] 2.25
Carl Slade Norwich @1.20
Martin Young Reading @1.20

Well done for week one

Week Two

Its anyone over 2.00 nett
Darryn Cook opens up with Man Utd draw @2.60
Mono Guerillo another draw Hull/Stoke @2.20
Paul Shakespeare yet another draw Southampton/WBA @2.50
Ben warman yep you've guessed it Everton/.Arse draw @2.40
Jim McLean went with Hamilton away @2.25
Chris Hinch with Man utd draw @2.60
Zach another win with Everton/Arse [email protected]

So top of the league list is:
Pele  Trevor Gibbons
Maradona is Hodgie333
Dalglish and Overall with impressive first two weeks Jim McLean
Shearer and also impressive Zach
Lineker Carl slade
Gazza  GeeGee
Pineapple Lee Martin young
Ali Dia Francesco Ramirez

Keep up the good work. The only thing keeping me sane this season, as i'm a Leeds fan, is the fact that we might be shite but Man Utd are too!!!!!!!



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