OOPS........ HE DID IT AGAIN!! - Week 9

OMG Paul Brickell - leg end! Two huge picks on the run. Two spanish omelettes. This week Celta de Vigo @9.00. Well done son.

So Man City got to the top just at the right time and managed to secure the Premiership title. Well done to the Blues. Unlucky Liverpool but it was a great title run in very exciting stuff. Gus and Tony at the other end managed to pull off great runs to be saved. And I only have to travel the short trip to Norwich to see Leeds next season..result.

Pepe Mell & Tim Sherwood go today, maybe to Norwich Tim or Brighton?? The management merry go round has started and who stops where god only knows.

And what about Woy? He's picked quite a decent looking england squad for a change. I don't think we can win it far from it but it looks good for the future at least. Can't wait for world cup to be fair.

In the leagues


Full house of picks. Quite a few winners. Darryn cook strengthened at the top with a win for the arse @0.91. Mono Guerillo took over from steph (who is robbed of her namesake pick now) with a win for stoke away @2.25. Good win for jim McLean with the draw at Southampton @2.40.Andy Ewart wins with fiorentino @0.91. Didier segovia went safe with Man city @0.13 Ian Menzies went fairly safe and moved out of trouble with Spurs @0.50 James Delahunt needed a big one and started with Burton albion @1.25. trevor gibbons went safe-ish but fell into relegation zone with a Liverpool win @0.20.


Nine pickers. Three winners. (cos Hodgie333 game was called off he gets a nil)

The best win was Zach with The Preston/Rotherham draw @2.20 he jumps right up out of relegation. Martyn Cornwell went sausage side for 1899 Hoffenheim (a nice crispy lager)@0.73. David Lloyd knew he just had to win so went safe with Celtic @0.36. He still leads the way.


Eight picks here. Ben warman leads the way and won with Spurs @0.50. Then some bloke called Tony southworth (?) he won with The Arse @0.91. Duncan was the big winner with Kilmarnock away @2.25 that helped him climb to safety.James holland also won with that german lager @0.73 and Jimmy smith safe with Man City @0.13.


Nine here. Now i bet Paul shakespeare thought yes pick of the week a barca draw who'd have thought it. But No. Just second best. it flies him to the top @5.50. The only other winner was Ian Booth with The arse @0.91. these two clear of the rest.


Seven pickers here just one loser! The best win was Me actually. With Swansea away @2.75, Then Matty roworth with the Southampton man Utd draw @2.40. Then Phil Hocknell with Stoke away @2.25. Then WART with Fiorentina @0.91 Then Lee Denson with Monaco @0.83 and finally Neil Bourne with Liverpool @0.20. What does that all mean. WART leads denson by 30p with Hocknell £2 or so back in third.


Tom Kerr. You've got to feel for him he sits on a total of £11.02 a good amount by any season standard but he ain't winning the overall league!! he's a country mile in front here though and extended with Stoke @2.25. Dickson pato is second and won with that german lager @0.73 Chris Cann playing it too safe as it turned out back in third with Liverpool @0.20.

Pineapple Lee

Paul Brickell has turned this league and the whole competition on its head with two great big wins this one celta Vigo @9.00. Glen Mcpherson also weighed in with Atalanta at home @4.00and david rosser also scored well with swansea @2.75. Paul is way out in front and david is second.

Ali Dia

The Binman must have thought he'd got his christmas box sorted, but its all gone wrong. He won again this week with The arse to stand at £7.69. His plan was (and probably still is with one week to go) to win the overall league but Paul & Tom have scuppered that somewhat so its rubbish strewn all across their lawns......

one week to go -Foreign games this coming week. Arriba arriba. adios amigos.

El Al


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