Press: Man City player of the year - Dwight Gayle - Week 8

I can't believe this season in the premiership. It twists and turns like a twisty turny thing. So many times you think its done and then it turns on its head. I honestly thought Liverpool may close the goal difference gap on City they were 3-0 up I went to make a cup of tea and then 10 mins later return to the telly with the score at 2-3!! only for Dwight Gayle to poke in the third to make it 3-3!!. WTF happened while i was boiling my kettle!!! Liverpool have thrown it away in two games, Chelski threw it in two games (palace & Villa) and then threw it again this weekend (norwich) they would be top if they'd won. Its crazy.

I am eating my words of two weeks ago as we speak. Unbelievable Jeff.

So City have it all to go for when they play Villa wednesday, they should win shouldn't they........... but will they?????? God only knows.........

Congrats to Cambridge United for reaching wembley for second time this season overturning a 1-0 defecit against Halifax.They play Gateshead for the privilege of return to thr football league. Come on you U's.

All this drama and the world cup to come yet.....don't you just love football.

In the leagues...... fuck me what a whopper, (sorry just caught my reflection in the mirror...i wish!!) only he foresaw that the form team of the champions league and La Liga would balls it up and lose to Levante, he went for it and was rewarded with a place in the hall of fame for a 12.00 win. Who is he? Step forward PAUL BRICKELL. Get in there my son! His first win of the season too!!


its a family affair, a veritable battle of the sexes. Darryn 'The Bossman' Cook versus Stephanie 'the Leicester picker' Cook. Only one of these has their own pick named after them 'The Steph'. This pick would prove over the seasons to give huge rewards if followed religiously as Steph does. (maybe not so much next year!!) Darryn still leads by 69p he won with Newcastle @0.91 Steph went with... what else 'The steph' @0.62 A family fight in last two weeks. Trevor Gibbons climbs out of relegation with a Villa win @1.25. Mono Guerillo goes third with Stoke @1.10 Andy Ewart also climbs to safety with Brightons playoff guaranteeing win @1.20. Didier Segovia also won with Falkirk @0.50. Ian Menzies was the big loser dropping from 3rd into the drop zone and 7th.


David Lloyd goes top with two weeks left with a smart pick of Ipswich @0.83. he leads by 31p and 46p further back in third is Hodgie333 hitting form at the right time and a well chosen QPR away win @1.00. So very close at the top and anybodies title.


He must have thought he'd got pick of the week with the West Ham win against woeful Spurs @3.00 but Ben Warman... no it was not to be. Its enough to take the top spot though.

Tony Southworth is 2nd with 'the steph' @0.62. Ross Jones won well with Stoke @1.00. Jimmy Smith was the other winner with Newcastle @0.91.


Ian Booth hangs on to top spot with Wolves at home @0.50 Paul Shakespeare reeled in a big winner with West Ham @3.00 and goes second just 35p behind.

Bill Imrie was the only other winner with Dortmund @ 0.36. Lots to play for.


Only one winner here Malcolm Gibson with the West Ham whopper @3.00 it takes him up to 3rd place. Just 22p between first and second so Malcolms given himself a chance.


Tom Kerr leads the overall and this league and its because of good picking like this oldham v Notts County draw @2.20. Well Done son. Chris Cann moves into second with a nice Southampton away @1.75 (value) . Needs a big one to ctahc tom though.

Pineapple Lee

Well what can I say Paul Brickell leads the way now with 5.00 after his Levante win @12.00. Chrissy Blackers is second after her win with 'The Steph' @0.62. David Rosser is third after picking out Southamptons value @1.75. Will my missus go up?...well she doesn't go down anymore....Boom Boom.........I thank you.......

Ali Dia

The Binman won again with a north of the border Hibs V Partick draw @2.20. He's second in overall behind £2.01 Tom Kerr.

Thanks a lot guys, its now down to last prem games and play offs. Then its world cup time and a feast of football......I love this summer already.



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