Liverpool champions elect - Week 6

Well thats it then....or is it. There have been lots of unusual results this season so you never know.

But if Liverpool can get a result at home to Chelsea on sunday its gotta be all over. Stevie G will finally get a title winners medal. But the end of the season looks really interesting at the bottom. Big game sunday Cardiff v Sunderland loser goes down me thinks... draw both down.

Well I was away last week an missed doing an analysis and picking myself so a big mention for Owen Williams boyo who went for Cardiff away to Southampton @5.00 well done and also a mention for Martyn young who went for Dortmund to beat Bayern and got a 4.50 result for his pick.

This week the pick of the week is a bit smaller and goes to …...Ian Menzies & Craig Lowe who both picked a Palace away win at west Ham @2.40.

In the leagues.


Six wins here. Ian Menzies the biggest as said. At the top its a husband wife team, too many cooks etc. Steph Cook leads the way with the only remaining 100% record and her mighty weapon of a pick - 'the Steph' which came in again @1.00. Her hubby Darryn is second winning with The arse away @0.73. Andy Ewart won again with Derby @0.83 and Trevor Gibbons also won with Spurs @0.50 Didier Segovia keeps a title challenge going 'just' with Watford @1.00.


Nigel Howlett won well with Halifax @0.62 keeping clear out in front.Hodgie333 moves into 2nd place with The arse @0.73. Nick Lines played safe with Juve @0.17 David Lloyd won with Derby @0.83and at the bottom both Zach & Matthew Gibbons won with Sheff utd & Luton respectively.


Five wins here . Craig Lowe has best of week and moves up into third. A certain Tony Southworth takes the lead with Burnley away @1.00. Ben warman is 1p further back in 2nd with Spurs @0.50.

Ross Jones reached nil with his pick of Sheff Utd @0.80. James Holland was the other win with AC Milan @0.29


Seven pickers here seven losers too!!


All change at the top here. WART goes top with Burnley away @1.00. Lee Denson goes 2nd with Spurs @0.50. Matty roworth is the other winner with Sheff Utd @0.80


Waynes brother tom Kerr went flying to the top of the overall league as well as this one with the Villa Southampton draw @2.25. Chris Cann won well with Everton @1.38.

Pineapple Lee

Nothing to report

Ali Dia

The Binman lost...He had so much promise!!

Carl slade won in Holdsworth with Swans away @1.75 -stick around carl for the league proper.




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