So they were dancing in the streets of Liverpool last night! As a non premier league fan I have to admit I enjoy watching Liverpool. I know Man City are favs to overhaul them all and take the title but I have a sneaking suspicion Liverpool may wreck that party.

As for Spurs the wheels have fallen right off. Everton are looking to mount a challenge to Arsenal for fourth. At the bottom of the Prem Fulham look doomed and Cardiff are teetering on the edge.

Leicester are sweeping all aside and look certain to come up as Champs.

North of the border Celtic have won the highly competitive SPL, but they can only play who's in front of them i suppose. Rangers are coming back but it will be another season yet before the old firm derby is once again in full flow.

In the leagues it was a fifty fifty week with 505 win rate across the board. The Binman continues to clean up and has pick of the week again this week with a Deutsche draw Leverkusen /Bruanschweig @3.33 He is way out in front of the Overall league.


Imagine the row...Steph Cook sits to make her pick the pick that bears her name 'The steph' (Leicester to win) only to find her husband Darryn has nipped in and claimed it for himself. Dinner in the dog, spare room for him!! and take your hands off me thats out of bounds........

So what does Steph do? She thinks right I'll show you and goes Liverpool @0.40 to take top spot. Darryn's Leicester pick got him a hugely generous 1.63 and makes him third. Sandwiched between the warring Cooks is Pete Cornwell in 2nd even though he lost this week. Andy Ewart won with Rotherham @0.73. James Delahunt also won with Preston @0.73. Mono Guerillo won well with Stoke @1.10.Tevor Gibbons was also successful with an impressive english inspired Southampton @0.73.


Full House here.50% winners. The best was Malcolm who went draw and was rewarded with a last minute ten man equaliser for Blackburn against millwall @2.40. Zach won well with Coventry away @1.75. Hodgie333 won with Wolves @1.10. at the top Nigel Howlett won on friday with german side Shalke 04 @0.80. Martyn Cornwell is second with two on the trot this week it was Stoke @1.10 bet he feels like Man City!!


A Capital pick from PATRICIA with the Millwall draw @2.40 she sits atop of the league. Just two other winners Ben Warman with Wolves win at MK Dons @1.10 the other winner was some bloke called tony southworth who weighed in with Stoke at home @1.10.


Just small stuff in the Shearer but the two winners find themselves second and third. Sohail Virdi is 2nd with Liverpool @0.40 and Bill Imrie is thrid with Frances Friday night game and winners PSG @0.36.


The top two are the only winners here. First placed Malcolm Gibson won with Preston @0.73 and in second with a bullet is Phillip Hocknell with a great Coventry pick @1.75.


Three wins here the top two winners again. Dickson Pato leads the way with Schalke 04 @ 0.80 in second place is Tom Kerr who wins well with Notts County at home @1.20. The other winner is Owen Williams with Everton away @0.80.

Pineapple Lee

50 % win rate here My missus chrissy Blackers is top and won well with Wolves awya @1.10. The other winner in third was David Rosser with Stoke City @1.10.

Ali Dia

Just one player here just one winner the one, the only, The Binman.he got pick of the week with a german draw @3.33. He leads the Ali Dia by the odd £10.41 and with no other players in that league active it looks like a cake walk.

Keep cool



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