Season 5 - Week 2

The Pele League

Potential winnings: £1219 each
Result: 5/10

The top league looks as if it will again be a tight and tense league as none of the "big boys" look to pick anything too outrageous, lest they find themselves out of the title race before it has even started (a la Man U).  Naturally I lead the way, but am closely followed by the ever improving Nick Kelly - if Nick "safety first" Lines is to be denied a third title then surely the odds are that it will be Nick Kelly that denies him.  Paul Drury, whose rise to the top league shames his brother, is finding life at the top tough, and along with Tony "I'm going to close the site down if I get relegated" Southworth has yet to pick a winner.

The Maradona League

Potential winnings: £3078 each
Result: 4/10

The curse of the second division seems to be striking again, oft the poorest performing league, the only person with two winners is Ben Gould.  Founding members Jon "bouncy bouncy" Dunk and James "sinking like a stone" Holland are finding life in the lower reaches hard, and picking winners even harder!

The Gary Lineker League

Potential winnings: £3518 each
Result: 6/10

The best performing league to date is headed by David "long-shots or bust" Pilkington, who succesfully picked Man City to derail their more illustrious counterparts.  Although he has only picked one winner, his propensity for long-shots means he heads Darren Clare, despite his second winner on the bounce.  Ross Jones and Nik Simms need to find a winner soon, or else they will look more doomed than Bolton.

The Paul Dickov League

Potential winnings: £5789 each
Result: 4/10

Martin Malone is showing all the old heads just how easy this game is, see a winner pick a winner, second overall and heading his league, it all seems so easy now doesn't it Martin, but trust me the hard times will come, I hope you are saving some bankers for the tough times ahead.  Tim Hughes continues his remarkable form from last year and the Hughes' fans will surely be hoping that his promotion bid will not falter at the last.. surely not two years on the trot.  In a poor league there are four pickers without a win, including the venerable Andrew Wickett another denied at the last in the epic title race of last year.

The Jason Lee League

Potential winnings: £718 each
Result: 4/8

Paul Kinsella leads this, and the overall, league - another noob showing us just how easy this predicting lark is.  Ben Drury, a full three leagues below his brother, is showing early season form and he knows that if the leagues stay as they are, he will be only one league below his brother before too long.  Matt Bailey props up the league, but in a competitive league everyone has picked at least one winner.



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